Springtime Tips to Freshen up the Outside of Your Home

Photo credit: Ronni Newton, West Hartford Patch
Photo credit: Ronni Newton, West Hartford Patch

It’s hard to believe spring begins on March 20th… That’s in about 2 weeks.

Just think… In no time, all will thaw and warm days will begin to appear. Soon we’ll be soaking up the sun, getting those first fresh and dewy smells that only springtime in New England offers.

If you’re planning on selling your home – or even if you are not – here are 10 wonderful ideas to create beautiful curb appeal for your home to make it really come alive:

  1. Clean gutters to prevent water seepage into your home, as well as to keep plants below the gutters from drowning.
  2. Take a walk around your yard; remove any and all sticks, leaves, etc. – Do an extra thorough job in your gardens.
  3. If you’re feeling extra ambitious: Power washers are not expensive to rent; wash your driveway, deck, stairs, even the shutters and the entire exterior of your home. Just make sure you use the right pressure for each job.
  4. Take some soapy water and clean your mailbox and front door – this will make a bigger difference than you think… Then…
  5. Get some colorful and inexpensive annuals to plant around your mailbox; this is such a happy spring look!
  6. Cut back ornamental grasses to about 6 inches tall. By end of summer they will be robust and healthy.
  7. Dig and divide emerging perennials. This will enlarge your garden, and it’s good for the plants
  8. Cut your perennials almost to the ground, and watch them grow…
  9. This is the perfect time to plant dormant trees and shrubs.
  10. Clean those windows! If it’s too time-consuming or dangerous, call a local window cleaner – well worth it.

This post was contributed by our agent Mara “Mamie” DeCosta.  Contact Mara at 203.383.0275 or marad@afahomes.com for more information about this topic or the local real estate market.


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