Thank You Darien Republicans

GOP Caucus
GOP Caucus

It was inspiring to see over 200 of you turn out to endorse an exceptional slate of candidates for this fall’s elections in a packed Town Hall auditorium for one of the most well attended caucuses in recent memory.   To the political novice, the caucus was clear, organized and transparent beginning to end.

Of particular note was the democratic process at work as the role of Darien’s Tax Collector was contested with two talented, well-qualified candidates interested in the position.  A well-executed, organized vote followed the initial legal protocol where over 190 votes were cast.

A special thank you to Registrar John Visi and his team for keeping such a large crowd organized from check-in to vote, to Caucus Chair and Secretary Michael Murray and Debra Ritchie for their flawless execution, to RTC Chairman James Palen, RTC Secretary Laurie Williamson and RTC Rules Committee Chair Doug McKay for their thoughtful planning and to RTC Social Committee Chair Sara Franzese for a festive social gathering following the caucus.

Lastly, thank you to all of the candidates who selflessly dedicate their time to serve and to all of the supporters in town who rally around them: Jayme Stevenson, Gerald Nielsen, Susan Marks, Donna Rajczewski, Joan Hendrickson, Kathleen Larkins, Joe Duwan, David Lopiano, Jon Zagrodzky, Christa McNamara, David Martens, Christopher Peters, Stephen Olvany John Sini, Dick DiDonna, Lou Calastro and Joe Tarnowsky.

We are fortunate to have a team and a party that recognizes the importance and integrity of the process and, despite occasional differences of opinion, one party - one team unity visible in these and other events.

Joe Pizzarelli – RTC Publicity & Public Affairs Committee Chair 


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