Winners from Darien Art Show & Sale

Here is a list of the winners from the 55th Annual Art Show and Sale at the Darien Arts Center:

Best in Show, Lori Glavin
Oil, 1st Place, Helen Robinson
Oil, 2nd Place, Hanneke Goedkoop
Oil, 3rd Place, Sharon Krejcir
Oil, Honorable Mention,Kazumasa Oda
Oil, Honorable Mention, Mary Morant
Acrylic, 1st Place, Pamela Lindberg
Acrylic, 2nd Place, Roz Emmons
Acrylic, 3rd Place, Christine Flaherty
Acrylic, Honorable Mention, Meg Tweedy
Color Photography, 1st Place, Richard Tweedy
Color Photography, 2nd Place, Kathryn Lang
Color Photography, 3rd Place, Torrance York
Color Photography, Honorable Mention, Richard Tweedy
Black & White Photography, 1st Place, Paul Anthony
Black & White Photography, 2nd Place, Kyle King
Black & White Photography, 3rd Place, William McKissock
Sculpture, 1st Place, Hillary Collins
Sculpture, 2nd Place, Tom Volpe
Sculpture, 3rd Place, Michael Ziga
Watercolor, 1st Place, Mary Yordon
Watercolor, 2nd Place, Marissa Bright
Watercolor, 3rd Place, Barbara Simonson
Watercolor, Honorable Mention, Stan Pastore
Mixed Media / Printmaking, 1st Place, Amy Schott
Mixed Media / Printmaking, 2nd Place, Lisa Thoren
Mixed Media / Printmaking, 3rd Place, Karen Vogel
Mixed Media / Printmaking, Honorable Mention, Annette Lieblein
Drawing / Pastel, 1st Place, Meg Gardella
Drawing / Pastel, 2nd Place, Scheckler
Drawing / Pastel, 3rd Place, Ethel Renek
Drawing / Pastel, Honorable Mention, Diane Weeks
High School - Photography, 1st Place, Graham Manning
High School - Photography, 2nd Place, Megan Caulfield
High School - Photography, 3rd Place, Jackson McGoldrick
High School - Photography, Honorable Mention, Cameron Magida
High School - Photography, Honorable Mention, Graham Manning
High School - Sculpture, 1st Place, Annie Archibald
High School - Sculpture, 2nd Place, David Ziga
High School - Sculpture, 3rd Place, Caroline Weeks
High School - Sculpture, Honorable Mention, Rachael Jacobsen
High School - Other, 1st Place, David Ziga
High School - Other, 2nd Place, Jimmy Ice
High School - Other, 3rd Place, Althea E. Perley
High School - Other, Honorable Mention, Isabel Patten
Grade 6-8, 1st Place, Jana Powers
Grade 6-8, 2nd Place, Isabel Sutherland
Grade 6-8, 3rd Place, Alexandra Adelman
Grade 6-8, Honorable Mention, Meghan Mitchell
Grade 6-8,Honorable Mention, Mia Bulie
Grade 3-5, 1st Place, Abby St. Jean
Grade 3-5, 2nd Place, Eva Criscuolo
Grade 3-5, 3rd Place, Greta Hoffmeister
Grade K-2, 1st Place, Taelyn Richards
Grade K-2, 2nd Place, Conrad Straden
Grade K-2, 3rd Place, Anna Ventker
Grade K-2, Honorable Mention, Anna Ventker

Founded in 1975, the Darien Arts Center (DAC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing visual and performing arts programs and events for the community. The DAC offers educational programs in Dance, Visual Arts, Music & Theatre, & special events & live theatre performances by DAC Stage. Private donations, grants, tuition fees & ticket sales fund the DAC. For further information, call (203) 655-8683 or visit arts.darien.org.


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