Camping Out on the Sidewalk for Black Friday in Florida [VIDEO]

The first ones in line for Black Friday at Best Buy in St. Petersburg, FL, are a group of young friends looking for deals and having fun.

Waiting in line early for Black Friday is a tradition at certain retail stores, and this year is no different at Best Buy.

The first in line at Best Buy near Tyrone Boulevard isn't a die-hard shopper though. Rather, a group of friends decided to get together and spend the week together while waiting in line for Black Friday.

"I'd rather camp out in front of Best Buy with my friends instead of staying home and doing nothing," Thomas Thanthima, one of the shoppers said. 

The four teenagers have been out since Saturday and have been playing cards, skateboarding and break dancing to pass the time.

Editor's note: This article originally was published by Pinella Beaches Patch in Florida.


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