Person-to-Person Gets $5K Gift for a Generator to Protect Food Pantry

The Community Fund of Darien announces in this news release that it has given a $5,000 generator to Person-to-Person to prevent any future loss of power from destroying the food pantry's stocks, as happened with Super Storm Sandy.

The Community Fund of Darien has approved an emergency grant of $5,000 for Person-to-Person to help purchase a generator for their Food Pantry and offices.

The need for the generator became critically evident after the devastating storm Sandy and its aftermath, when Person-to-Person was without power and lost many pounds of food that would have been distributed to those in need.

Person-to-Person is grateful for the support of the Community Fund for the generator so the agency can continue to be available no matter what emergency arises.


Person-to-Person is a volunteer driven, community supported agency, which, through sharing of goods and talents, responds to individuals and families who lack the basic necessities or resources to improve their lives. 

Person-to-Person recently merged with Christian Community Action in Norwalk greatly increasing the numbers of individuals and families they support.  Person-to-Person also receives an annual grant from The Community Fund.

The Community Fund of Darien

The Community Fund of Darien provides funding to over 25 local human service agencies in Darien, Norwalk and Stamford, who support the homeless, unemployed, hungry, elderly, children at risk, individuals who struggle with substance abuse, depression or special needs.

In addition to providing annual grants to agencies which involves an extensive review, The Community Fund maintains an emergency grant fund for immediate needs.  “Our mission is to enhance the capacity of the community to care for one another”, said Christie Stone, President.  “Helping Person-to-Person purchase a generator surely fulfills that mission.” 

For more information, please contact The Community Fund at 655-8775 or go to www.communityfunddarien.org


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