Ridgefielder of the Week: Geoff Nelson

This week's 'Ridgefielder' loves running on the town's trails and roads.

Name: Geoff Nelson

Age: 26

Occupation: Associate at in Ridgefield and TruPro Realty in Trumbull.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born in Stamford and I lived there and in Greenwich most of my life. I went to New Fairfield High School and I live in New Fairfield now. Running is a big part of my everyday life. I started running my junior year of High School and then walked onto the Syracuse Cross Country and Track teams after I graduated.

How long have you worked at Kilometers in Ridgefield?

It's been about 3 months now. I've known, the owner, ever since I raced in the Ridgefield . I won a free pair of running shoes shortly after that an when I went to pick them up at Kilometers, I met Marc.

What is your favorite aspect of Ridgefield?

I've won a bunch of races here. I that just happened. It's a really active town with a lot of events. They have 15k races, half marathons, the event. It seems like every time you turn around, the town is putting on a great event for the community.

What is your best memory in Ridgefield?

Winning the half marathon last year is my best memory here. Marty Schiavone, the girl's cross country coach at Trumbull High School puts on the event every year in Ridgefield. It happens the first week of October every year, but this year it will be the second week. I'll be racing in it again in a few weeks.

Do you volunteer or are you part of any organizations related to running?

I used to coach the New Fairfield Middle School track team and I still train a few kids. One of the girls that I train just did her first duathalon and she placed fourth overall in the women's category. She is only 15-years-old. One of the boys that I train, who I believe is in eighth-grade, just won the Wilton Youth Race. I try to do a lot with the youth in the running community.

What keeps you here?

The people are great--we also have a really great following at Kilometers. We even have a New York police officer who drives here just to get his running shoes. He runs the New York Marathon every year.

What is something you'd like the Ridgefield community to know about Kilometers?

Every Thursday morning we have a beginner’s clinic for overall fitness. We meet at the . This is for anyone who may have never run before or who hasn't in a while or is just starting.

 What do you do for fun in Ridgefield?

Running a bunch of the races is what I do for fun here. I've also been to some of the events at the Ridgefield Playhouse., the former centerfielder for the New York Yankees was there a few weeks ago.


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