St. Luke's Rector Considered for Bishop in NJ

David Anderson, rector at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Darien, is a candidate for a bishop's seat in New Jersey. Here's what Anderson and St. Luke's wardens told the Darien congregation:

Jan. 28

Dear members of the Saint Luke’s family,

I am writing to let you know that I am a candidate for the position of Bishop of New Jersey. After a process of discernment, the Episcopal Election Committee has placed my name on the slate of candidates to be presented to its electing convention on May 4.

I could not notify my congregation until the diocese had published the slate. That slate was made public today, Jan. 28.

It is a blessing and an honor to be a candidate for leadership in the church I love and serve. Along with the Episcopal Election Committee, I have entered into this as a process of discernment, seeking by prayer, conversation, and the wisdom of trusted friends to know God’s will both for the church and for my ministry. I am grateful to the Wardens, Anne Lynn and Jennifer Boyd, for their counsel and support. And I am thankful as well for the pastoral wisdom of my Bishop, Ian Douglas, who continues be a trusted spiritual advisor along the way. Of course God’s greatest gift to me is Pam, my partner in life and ministry.

I have to say, candidly, that being involved in a bishop search is very different from any kind of discernment I have ever done. It is a process of selecting a number of candidates who then stand for election before a diocesan convention of hundreds of clergy and lay delegates. It is appropriately long, judicious and public. I ask you to go with me on this journey, and to join me in praying the Psalmist’s words (25:3):

Show me your ways, O Lord,

and teach me your paths.

I love the work that God has called me to do at Saint Luke’s, and yet I feel called to continue in this discernment with the people of New Jersey. All I can say is that I am learning, gradually, to sit with that tension in my own heart and see where the Spirit may be leading. I am excited and energized by the fruitful ministry that God is doing at Saint Luke’s right now, and that remains my priority. We have exciting work to do!

Thank you for your prayers. I love Saint Luke’s and each one of you.

With every blessing,

David Anderson


St. Luke's wardens sent this letter to parishioners:

Dear Friends,

We all know that David is a gifted priest, so it is no surprise that he has been honored by being included on the slate as a candidate for Bishop of New Jersey. 

We are very proud of him and are sincerely committed to caring for him in his discernment process. 

No one knows what will happen next, and we won’t know until the ballots are cast on May 4.  In the meantime, we can assure you that David is totally committed to his work at Saint Luke’s and is tremendously enthused about the state of the Parish. 

The Parish’s vibrant response to the Bible Challenge and the encouraging results of 2012 stewardship are strong signs of good health.  The clergy team is thriving and, as a result, so is Saint Luke’s!

Because Saint Luke’s attracts superb talent, we’ve been in this position before. 

We continue to look to an exciting future as a faith community no matter what the future  holds.  The lay leaders, as well as the clergy and staff team, are ready to stand by David and to help him keep us on a steady course as we navigate this process. 

We are confident that Saint Luke’s will remain strong and spirited.  We ask for your prayers and encouragement.

With gratitude for your commitment to Saint Luke’s Parish,

Anne Lynn, senior warden

Jennifer Boyd, retiring junior warden

Frank Huck, incoming junior warden


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