Expert Tips For Ordering Mothers Day Flowers

Tips for ordering Mothers Day Flowers from your local florist

Getting the Freshest & Most Beautiful

Is the process of ordering a Mothers Day flower arrangement a mystery to you? Would you like some ideas for how to place a successful order? Over 20 years of experience in the floral business has helped us put these suggestions together for you. Read on for our insider tips on making sure you receive high-quality, beautiful flowers every time you order.

An Important First Step

Who, Where, When Though it may sound obvious, remember that you will, first, need to be clear about what you want. This will help you to chose the right shop for you and it will make it much easier for the order-taker to give you the best service possible.(Especially Mothers Day which is a florists busiest holiday),

Before you make the call or stop in,(REMEMBER TO ALWAY'S USE A LOCAL FLORIST) get all your details in order and have them ready. There are so many times when people call or come in to purchase flowers without having this simple info written down. Include the following:

1. Who are the flowers going to?
2. What is their address and phone number?
3. When are they home? (Do they work?)
4. What is the occasion?
5. How do you want the card to read?


Step Two

Choosing Your Florist, How do you know which florist to use? As is so often the case for everything,word of mouth is a great way to choose a florist. If your friends have had a good experience with the flower shop, you probably will too. Since preferences can vary, be sure that the person whose advice you are taking has similar taste to your's. While some shops are good with traditional design, others are excellent at a contemporary or more unique look. Some do both well. Ask your friend what it is they like about their florist. Please remember to use a local florist.

If you don't have anyone in the area to ask for a referral, you can research a florist on-line through their website. This can often give you a very good idea of their style. Do they include examples of their own work? Are the photos of high quality? If you like the look of their site, you will probably be happy.

There are some excellent shops that have not yet invested in a custom-designed website, but use a somewhat generic site generated through one of the nation-wide floral groups. Don't rule them out because of that. Note how long they have been in the business, give them a call, ask them some questions and even do a trial run with them to see what you think. Of course, if you are in the area, visit their store to check them out.

Here are some questions you might ask:

1. Do you have a signature style?
2. What do you do best?
3. Do you ever go to the market to hand pick your flowers? (not all shops are close enough to a do this)
4. How often do fresh flowers arrive in shop, most florist's recieve multiple deliveries weekly.

Communicating With Your Florist

Here are some tips that will help the florist to remember you in a positive way.
  1. Tell the florist how you found out about their work and why you selected them.
  2. People want to help people who are friendly. Rather than appearing threatening by saying, "I want the freshest, nicest flowers you have, or else!", ask them what they like most among their stock right now. If they were making an arrangement for themselves, what would they use? Let them know a bit about your style preferences and, then, place an order for a "designer's choice" arrangement.
  3. Once you find a designer who's work you love and who understands what you like, consider requesting them every time you place an order. If you request them, it will be noted and the order will be handed to them directly.
  4. When you are happy, let them know. Thank them for taking care of you so well. Believe me, they will remember that and people really do want to please others who appreciate them and their work.
  5. Please be a little flexable around a Holiday like Mothers Day, your local florist will always want every order to be the best arrangement your Mom has ever recieved!

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