Commuter Christmas Carol: O Little Town of Darien

Sung to the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem"

Oh little town of Darien, how still we see thee lie,

Upon the Sound, where fish abound, and Metro-North runs by.

Yet, on the Post Road rideth, an everlasting crowd

The traffic’s stopped, we need a cop,

To guide us home unbowed.


Now getting to the City was such a royal pain

We used to drive, but nine to five, a time waste it became

I-95’s a nightmare, more trucks at every turn

To Metro-North, do we make forth

Our daily travels earn.


But hark, there is no parking, the station lots are full

A waiting list, now doth exist, for permits, that’s no bull

Ten years I now have waited, my permit yet to buy

Retirement’s soon, my hopes are doomed, while trains keep rolling by.


My bicycle I rideth, to Darien each day.

Noroton Heights, it gives me frights, and is too far away.

So there I lock my ten speed, praying when I make it back

That bike’s still there, without despair, awaiting on the rack.


Oh little town of Darien, to me you are still home

I only wish, were I Commish, of D.O.T. I’d loan

The millions that are needed, for parking lots so grand

That all in need, they could succeed,

Commuting ‘cross the land.



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