Husband-Wife Team Offers Innovative Fitness Solutions For Women in Westport

Located at 170 Post Road West, Get In Shape For Women offers small-group personal training in a private, upscale studio.


More than five million Americans seek out personal trainers in hopes of achieving their health goals.

These days, people are pursuing a more personalized approach to fitness, moving away from the large-box gyms that can be uncomfortable and intimidating. For four years, the women of Westport have enjoyed Get In Shape For Women. Located at 170 Post Road West, the women’s fitness center offers small-group personal training in a private, upscale studio.

Peter and Juliet Harker, co-owners of Get In Shape For Women, opened the studio in 2008 after hearing rave reviews from another franchise owner. Peter, who sells financial software and has experience as an entrepreneur, wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle and help local residents to reach their fitness goals.

Juliet, a former marketing and advertising professional, has a passion for fitness and knew this was the right move for her family. Becoming a business owner allowed her to spend more time with her three sons.

“We immediately fell in love with the Get In Shape For Women business model and saw firsthand that it was really helping women achieve their fitness goals,” said Juliet. “Peter and I have always shared a passion for staying active and Get In Shape For Women allows us to help women in our community meet their weight loss goals and discover their own passion for a healthy lifestyle. Owning our own business also allows us more flexibility and time to spend as a family.”

At Get In Shape For Women, the premise is simple: One personal trainer works with up to four women at a time during each one-hour session consisting of 30 minutes of weight training, 25 minutes of cardio, plus nutrition coaching for a complete training program.

The comprehensive branded four-part transformation model, encompassing weight training, cardio, nutrition support and accountability, is focused entirely on results. Holding clients – the target demographic is women 35 and older – accountable to someone other than themselves is what sets Get In Shape For Women apart from other personal training and fitness programs often costing two or three times as much. Personal trainers help clients set an achievable goal and then hold them responsible for reaching it, with weight and body-fat percentage checked every week. 

“At Get In Shape For Women, we create a positive and motivating atmosphere,” Juliet continued. “We love watching our clients get closer and closer to their goals and see real results through hard work and dedication.”


About Get In Shape For Women
Founded in 2006 by Brian Cook, Get In Shape For Women offers small group, personal training for women in a private, upscale studio. Clients experience weight training, cardio, nutrition support and accountability for a complete fitness program for women. The company currently operates 100 studios in 18 states across the country and expects to add 20-25 additional locations by the end of 2013. Get In Shape For Women plans to grow 25 percent each year toward its eventual goal of 5,000 locations worldwide. The Northeast, particularly New Jersey, is the primary target for growth in 2013. For more information, please visit www.getinshapeforwomen.com.


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