Men's Guide To Valentine's Day Shopping

Valentine's Day is upon us. An easy guide for men to make sure they don't get in the doghouse with their loved ones.

Let's face, when it comes to shopping, most men can use some help. A lot of them would rather sit through a root canal than walk the streets of New Canaan looking for a gift. But is almost here (Tuesday) and most women are expecting their boyfriends, fiances, and husbands to show some effort on what is a special day for them.

"As far as I'm concerned," said Lisa Cito, sale consultant for Space.NK on Elm Street. "When a man goes out and spends the time shopping, that's just so adorable and I think that's romantic in and of itself. It's really adorable."

Added Diane Roth, owner of  on Park Street, "Don't make it guess work. We don't have ESP. Don't get all caught up on how much you're spending. Tell us who the person is and we can probably pick out the right size and it won't come back. She'll be happy, you'll be happy, and we'll be happy."

Here are a few ideas for those men who might be challenged when it comes to buying a gift for their loved one on Valentine's Day.


No man can ever go wrong with roses. They are a symbol of Valentine's Day and loved by every woman. They are safe and an easy choice. on Cherry Street can make an arrangement of a dozen roses in a vase for $135.

"Monday will be the day when the phones will be ringing off the hook," said Madeline Macanka, owner of the shop. "It happens every year, guys get back to their desks in the office and go, 'Oh my God, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow.'"

The day after is also big for Bon Fleur. That's when they get orders for "Doghouse Bouquets" from men who really disappointed their loved ones on Valentine's Day and try to make up for it.


Women love lingerie for Valentine's Day but most men are embarassed to go in a store to buy it or have a clue what to get. Susan Langford of fine lingerie and swimwear, has a few tips for men shopping for lingerie.

  • Size "Peek into their drawers and see what size their bra size is and find out what size their clothing is. If it's not comfortable for them, it's not going to make them feel pretty and sexy."
  • Occasion "Is it going to be hot date night, having a romantic evening at home, or are you going away? There are different moods and you should have the right lingerie for it."
  • Age "You don't want to do garter belt and edible panties for the wrong age group.

For this Valentine's Day, Langford recommends Baby Doll Chemife's      ($80-$400).                                                                             

Special Treatment

For those men looking to truly pamper the special ones in their lives, the is offering a nice deal.

"We have a facial treatment and body wrap," said Megan Keane, sales consultant at Cosmetic Boutique. "It's a great gift. You're giving her relaxation and she's getting to pamper herself. And the benefit to the guy is that she's going to look great afterwards." ($250 for 90 minutes)


Jewelry is always a popular gift on Valentine's Day. Make sure you know if she favors gold or silver. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

"I recommend higher end jewelry on Valentine's Day as opposed to every day jewelry," said Liz Skidd, keyholder at . "They should definitely be open to asking what we would suggest. And they should be more perceptive before they go out to buy and find out what she actually wears so they can complement that jewelry as opposed to getting them something they don't like."


New Canaan has one of the best chocolate shops in the area in the . It's a wonderland for a woman's sweet tooth. Susan Gilissen, co-owner of the shop, says, "We have so many different beautiful things, "We have little boxes made up from $12 to $55 or more. We have things made up so they can just pick up and go," she added. "If they know what their sweetheart likes, we have boxes they can come in and fill with what they want. If she likes truffles, they can fill it with truffles. They can get very creative."

So guys, there are no excuses. There is plenty of time, plenty of choices, and everything is right here in New Canaan.

Don't mess it up.





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