How Squash's Took Root in Ridgefield

With back-to-school shopping just around the corner, stop into this local gem for your student's school supplies.

After working as an IBM executive for years, now-Squash's owner Greg Peterson took an early retirement from the corporate world to spend more time with his family and build a home (literally) in Ridgefield.

“I left IBM in 1983 and my wife and I built, by ourselves, without sub-contractors, our current home in Ridgefield, raised our children and managed our investments,” said Peterson.

Ten years later in 1993 Peterson learned that the Ridgefield fixture, — a locally owned shop since 1953—was closing its doors, Peterson decided to re-enter the business world as an entrepreneur. 

“I purchased Squash's in an attempt to maintain a Ridgefield tradition,” Peterson explained.

He took root in town: Peterson has lived in Ridgefield for over 50 years and his three children all graduated from . His wife, Judi, has served as deacon to the ; Greg is the former President of the Ridgefield Rotary Club as well as a former Moderator and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Ridgefield Congregational Church.

Today, Squash's Ridgefield Office Supply offers a complete line of over 40,000 office products, from office furniture and supplies to janitorial equipment and break room goods.

“We are The Little Engine that Can,” Peterson said. “We stock, in our retail store, over 10,000 products and we can deliver almost any quantity of almost every office product the next business day. We run our business in a manner patterned after LL Bean.”

He acknowledged that the cost of keeping a business in Ridgefield is high, but he said he strives to keep Squash’s pricing at or below the prices charged by the national drug and super stores.

 “In general, you will save money buying your office products and stationery products at Squash's rather than the chain stores in Ridgefield,” Peterson said.  “In addition, you will enjoy superior service, knowledgeable staff and you will be supporting a Ridgefield business, owned and staffed by local people.”

And with back-to-school shopping just around the corner, this local gem probably has just what your student needs.  

“This year, we have worked with and to offer Squash's pre-packs.  Pre-packs offer a significant savings over purchasing the supply items separately and bring the convenience of delivery direct to the school,” Peterson said.

School pre-packs can be purchased in-store or at the Squash’s website.

Another reason to stop into Squash’s Office Supply for back-to school shopping is the famous “Locker Ladder” which Paterson said is particularly popular among Ridgefield’s middle school students.  

“Try us. Make a point of shopping downtown instead of heading to Danbury or Norwalk. A great part of the attractiveness of Ridgefield is our downtown business district and the mom and pop stores that make it such a pretty and friendly place to live,” he said.

Eileen August 01, 2012 at 12:46 PM
"“Try us. Make a point of shopping downtown instead of heading to Danbury or Norwalk....." OK, when you're priced competitively with those stores. I really don't get it. The local merchants cry for us to shop here, but refuse to change their ways. You want my money? Give me a GOOD reason. Something other than " that makes it such a pretty and friendly place". Did our back to school shopping there once when we first moved here. The prices were way higher than Staples, etc. and they were out of stock on many items...i.e. that Locker Ladder.
Maggie Kelly August 01, 2012 at 02:45 PM
I'm very sorry you both had an unpleasant experience with us. I'm Maggie Kelly, the assistant manager here at Squash's. I've been in this industry over 10 years and know it only takes ONE bad experience to lose a customer for life. I would love nothing more than the opportunity to make this up to you & regain your business, if you would be willling to contact me. maggie@squashs.com or via phone, 203.438.3635. Thank you.
Mike Taylor August 02, 2012 at 06:49 PM
We love Squash's for both our office and back-to-school. One phone call and everything we need is delivered to our office the next day. The back-to-school pre-pack is so easy. One less thing to think about at the end of summer!
David Bryson August 03, 2012 at 02:15 AM
I love Squash's! First, it's part of Ridgefield history and one of the oldest businesses on Main Street. Second, Bill and Maggie who manage the store are great. They are always there to help. Supporting our local merchants keeps our town authentic (and keeps your property value up btw). I love that when my kids go into Squash's they know "Uncle Bill". It's the very essence of why we moved to Ridgefield and what makes our town special. The world does't need another big box store, it needs more Squash's! Thank you.


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