CT Bites: Behind the Scenes at SoNo Baking Co.

The life of every EspressoNEAT pastry begins in Sono.

It's mid-morning, you're sitting in Espresso NEAT; you've just taken your first flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bite of pain au chocolat. Pause. Ever wonder how that perfect little pastry made its way to your plate?

Truth is, that croissant's life (along with all the other Espresso NEAT pastries) began many hours ago, in South Norwalk, where the dough was rolled out, cut up, and baked off in the SoNo Baking Company ovens.

And at 5 a.m., the pastries were transferred from the cooling racks, packed into boxes, and then hauled into the delivery van. A quick journey down the I95 to Grove Street Plaza (this all happens before rush hour), and while you were probably still cozy in bed, that croissant was slipped onto a tray and into a display case.

Fast forward three hours, and you, well-rested and famished EspressoNEAT customer, pay for your sweet treat, and take your first, flaky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth bite.

To read more about the magic that happens at SoNo Baking Company in the wee hours, check out Deanna Foster's story on CTBites: Behind the Scenes @ The Sono Baking Company.


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