Darien Library Basement Floor Closed Oct. 8-14

The basement level of Darien Library will be closed for repairs from Monday, Oct. 8, through the following Sunday as a rug is replaced after it was damaged by a flood in August.

Starting Monday, Oct. 8, through the following Sunday, the basement level of Darien Library will be closed to the public as the library makes repairs in connection with the Aug. 12 flood.

A rug in the computer room was expected to be replaced after the flood, which was caused by the failure of two pumps when the geothermal heating and cooling system was being drained for maintenance purposes.

The geothermal system itself was working fine and is separate from the pumps which failed, Alan K. Gray, the library's chief administrative officer, said back in August.

The basement, or "lower level" as the library prefers to call it, is the location of various offices, the book intake room and the computer room (also known as the "Digital Media Lab"), a copy room and the Teen Lounge.

"We will place 12 additional computers on the second floor in the non-fiction section," the library announced on its website.


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