Darien Pick-up Schedule for Christmas Trees

Here's the town Public Works Department pickup schedule for Christmas trees in Darien.

The Darien Department of Public Works has the following information on this year's Christmas tree pick-up schedule:

  • Christmas trees must be at the curb by the first morning of the scheduled pickup.
  • Christmas tree pickup is conducted only on public streets.
  • The schedule has been rotated from last year.
  • Public Works Department does not have more specific times for pickups.
  • In the event of significant snow accumulation, the program may be delayed. Please be patient.
  • Once collection is complete, trucks will not return until the next scheduled pick-up period.
  • Christmas wreathes, brush, grass clippings, garbage or other materials will not be collected.
  • Christmas trees with bags, netting, stands or lights will not be collected.
  • Residents with valid RDA stickers may still bring Christmas trees to the dump.
  • Collection occurs only on weekdays.

For more information, see the Home page of the Darien Public Works Department or call (203) 656-7346.


Area # Area Description Dates 1 North of the railroad tracks and west of Hollow Tree Ridge Road, including Hollow Tree Ridge Road

Jan. 4 -7

Jan. 18-24

2 North of the railroad tracks and east of Hollow Tree Ridge Road to and including Mansfield Avenue

Jan. 8-9

Jan. 23-24

3 North of the railroad tracks and east of Mansfield Avenue

Jan. 10-11

Jan. 25-28

4 South of the railroad tracks and north of and including the Post Road

Jan. 14-15

Jan. 29-30

5 South of the railroad tracks and south of the Post Road

Jan. 2-3

Jan. 16-17


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