One Way to Say 'Thank You' to the Work Crews in Town

A Chestnut Street resident writes about providing a little relief to those providing Darien with a lot of relief.

To the editor,

My daughter and I had such a rewarding experience as we drove from power utility truck, to tree truck around town with hot coffee, muffins, apples. We met hardworking crews from as far as Missouri and the Carolinas who were incredibly appreciative. Even the Darien police along side them didn’t have opportunities to grab lunch, so we added them to our food chain.

It would be so great if people would bake cookies, buy bagels, doughnuts and most especially a box of coffee and drop them off mid-morning or late afternoon—they work till 9 p.m.! Have everything ready to handed off or be able to set the goodie bag next to their trucks with a big thank you for your help.

We met a woman out from Missouri who was here last Halloween as well. The North and South Carolina guys working the tree crew said it was the first nice thing anyone had done for them. That was just sad to hear. They’d never seen a “box” of coffee before and we ended up trading dog pics on our phones.

Equally appreciative were our police officers who were keeping cars safe traveling around the downed wires. With no opportunity to leave and get food and no one able to even bring them something, they were out all day with no nourishment!

All in all, while they may have received the nourishment, we received the reward of a wonderful personal connection, an opportunity to say thank you and make them feel appreciated by the very people they are helping so much. My daughter learned that relief workers are working long and hard and that we should consider the people who traveled far to assist before we complain too much that things aren’t happening fast enough.

It was a totally awesome experience for us to meet these kind individuals with strong work ethics and I hope to never hear again that the only thing people in Darien have done for them is “flip them the bird.”

— An anonymous resident of Chestnut Street

Editor's note: A response to this letter has been published here.

The letter-writer asked that her name not be used. Normally, we wouldn't do that, but on extremely rare occasions it can be done. This letter originally was published at 5:31 a.m. The time stamp has been changed for layout purposes on the Home page of Darien Patch.

David Gurliacci (Editor) November 03, 2012 at 06:00 PM
An emailed comment in response to this letter: I've been a WILTON police officer for over 30 years. I enjoyed reading your recent article about a mother and daughter who provided "coffee and" to work crews and police during the storm. I've been fortunate enough, upon occasion to be on the receiving end of one of those well appreciated "care packages". A hot cup of coffee while working your third straight 16 hour shift is, as they say "priceless". On behalf of all police officers please extend a special thanks to that mother and daughter team. "Kip the Cop"


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