Stamford Man Charged in Bread Rack Caper

A 51-year-old Stamford man was charged with misdemeanor larceny in connection with the theft of two bread racks from Stop & Shop in the Goodwives Shoping Center.

When a Stamford man tried to sell large metal bread racks in Goodwives Shopping Center, he was arrested as he was collecting his money, police said.

gave this account of the matter:

The first theft occured sometime between 5 a.m., March 28 and 5 a.m. the next day. The second was last seen in the afternoon of last Tuesday, April 4, and discovered missing at 6:30 a.m. the next day. Each had been left on the loading dock behind the supermarket.

Each rack is valued at $479. The gray racks, made of magnesium, are identical in design, with each one 6 feet tall and 31 inches wide.

Police found that William Mimms, 52, of Forest St., Stamford, had tried to sell one of the racks at a Stamford scrapyard on the same day as the first theft. He had shown the business his driver's license for identification.

Police later found that a second rack had been sold to a Norwalk scrapyard for $40. Darien police went to the scrap yard and confronted Mimms as he was collected his payment.

Mimms later confessed that he had stolen both racks. He was arrested on a warrant on Tuesday, April 24 and held in lieu of $500 bond, which he did not post. He was arraigned in state Superior Court in Stamford, where his next court date is May 8.

Chandra Johnson Greene May 01, 2012 at 11:40 PM
The following comments were posted on Darien Patch's Facebook page: Warren Ransom: "I would *love* to hear why he stole two bread racks. I'm sure it's going to be hilarious." Jonathan Zeisler: "as both ransom boys can attest, stealing the bread is so much easier off the sidewalks in front of Rye's various delis at 4AM..."


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