STORM UPDATE: Almost All Have Electricity

Hundreds of customers were still without power in Darien on Wednesday morning after Tuesday's storm, but schools are open; storm damage has left the front entrance of Middlesex Middle School unusable for car traffic.

Update 4:39 p.m.:

CL&P says only 25 customers remain without power in Darien.

Crews were still working to fix power lines and other wires in front of Middlesex Middle School as of 4 p.m.

Only northbound traffic was allowed to travel up to the school, then through the school's two-entrance driveway and then onto Hollow Tree Ridge Road again. Southbound traffic was redirected to Noroton Avenue or other streets.

Update 12:51 p.m.:

CL&P says 217 customers are now without power in Darien, 2 percent of the total.

Update 12:26 p.m.:

Power is still off at the office of YWCA Darien-Norwalk, the organization reports, but "Toddler Time, Ballet, & the Music for Children Open House are still on!" it says in a tweet.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you're organization or business has a delay or work-around due to the storm, you can post a comment at the bottom of this article (it won't appear immediately) and it will be noted at the top of the article. If you tweet about it and inform Darien Patch by email (Darien@patch.com) or on Twitter, Darien Patch will retweet it and announce it on Facebook.

Update 11:52 a.m.:

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson told the Darien Times that these streets in town have the highest concentrations of customers still without power:

  • Old Kings Highway North – 61
  • Pine Brook Lane – 20
  • Wakeman Road – 19
  • Salt Box Lane – 19
  • Tulip Tree Lane – 16
  • Circle Road – 14
  • Red Mill Lane – 11

Connecticut Light & Power reports 242 customers in town are still without power.

Update 11:18 a.m.:

Darien is largely back to normal after Tuesday's storm, although 240 customers were still without electricity, and work continued mid-morning to replace telephone poles in front of Middlesex Middle School.

Connecticut Light & Power reports 3 percent of its customers in town are still without power.

Here and there around town, downed branches can still be seen, but there are just as many spots where cleanups have already taken place. Some stray "Police Do Not Cross" yellow ribbons remain on the ground, along with cut tree trunks or logs, small branches and many leaves.

Update 8:34 a.m., Wednesday:

Connecticut Light & Power reports that a total of 268 Darien customers are still without power, or 3 percent of the total.

Darien Public Schools remain open, although cars cannot use the front entrance to Middlesex Middle School. The Darien Times reports that First Selectman Jayme Stevenson has told that newspaper that a telephone pole is blocking the front entrance.

No rain is expected until Saturday night, according to the National Weather Service's specific forecast for Darien

CL&P reports that 18,183 of its customers around the state (1 percent) currently are without power, with some of the most hard-hit towns in the eastern end of the state.

Here are the outage numbers and percentages in nearby cities and towns:

  • Stamford: 277 (0.5 percent)
  • Norwalk: 344 (1 percent)
  • New Canaan: 498 (5 percent)
  • Greenwich: 776 (2 percent)
  • Wilton: 719 (9 percent)
  • Westport: 782 (20 percent)


Update 10:28 p.m., Tuesday:

The National Weather Service has canceled its "Tornado Watch," which had been due to end at 11 p.m., according to various reports.

Update 10:26 p.m.:

Darien has the second-highest percentage of CL&P customers without power of any town in Connecticut, with Somers in first place, according to CL&P figures.

A total of 2,275 customers remain without power in town, or 29 percent of town customers. In Somers, on the Massachusetts border, 32 percent of customers are without power, a total of 1,279.

Westport has the highest total number of customers without power (2,799, or 22 percent of all customers in that town).

Update 9:55 p.m.:

Statewide, CL&P has 28,186 without power. In Darien, the numbers remain the same as previously reported: 2,298 without power (29 percent of the town).

Update 9:49 p.m.:

The National Weather Service has issued a "Flash Flood Warning" for Fairfield County and other counties until 11:15 p.m.

"A Flash Flood Warning indicates that flooding is imminent or occurring," according to the weather service. "

Update 9:43 p.m.:

A nearby resident reported (in a 9:20 p.m. email), "[T]here is a downed and burning power line on Old Kings Highway North. Road has been shut down in the area of Bayberry Lane, Wakeman for at least a half hour."

Update 9:37 p.m.:

Now Fox News and the Hartford Courant say I-95 has been completely closed down both ways between Exits 16 and 17.

Update 9:34 p.m.:

Interstate 95 is shut down in both directions between Exits 16 and 17, according to numerous reports. (Fox News and the Hartford Courant report that only the left and center lanes are closed in each direction, so the right lanes remain open.)

Metro-North reports that the New Haven Line continues to experience delays.

Update 9:26 p.m.:

CL&P now reports 2,298 Darien customers without power, 29 percent of customers in town.

Update 9:23 p.m.:

The National Weather Service has issued a new "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" for Fairfield County. The warning remains in effect until 10 p.m.

Update 9:08 p.m.:

Connecticut Light & Power reports 708 Darien customers without power (8 percent of customers in town). CL&P has 21,610 customers without power across Connecticut; in New Canaan, 676 (8 percent); Stamford, 519 (0.93 percent); Norwalk, 546 (1 percent); Greenwich, 1,392 (4 percent).

Update 8:59 p.m.:

The National Weather Service "Tornado Watch" remains in place for Fairfield County, New Haven County and on Long Island, although the one for New York City has been cancelled, according to NY1 Weather.

Update 8:48 p.m.:

The National Weather Service has extended its "Severe Thunderstorm Warning" through 9:15 p.m.

Update 8:41 p.m.:

CL&P tweet: "If you lose power, please call 800-286-2000 to report the outage. ALWAYS assume downed wires are live & stay at least 10 feet away"

Update 8:38 p.m.:

CL&P reports: In Greenwich, 1,083 customers are now without power (3 percent of customers in the town); in Darien it's 632 (8 percent); New Canaan, 662 (7 percent); Stamford, 589 (1 percent); Norwalk, 537 (1 percent).

Update 8:22 p.m.:

CL&P's latest figures: 21,171 of its customers are without power statewide, 606 in Darien (7 percent); other numbers haven't changed much.

Update 8:16 p.m.:

CL&P reports: of its 20,340 customers across the state are without power, 589 of them are in Darien (7 percent of all customers in town); New Canaan, 684 (8 percent); Stamford, 691 (1 percent); Norwalk, 536 (1 percent); Greenwich, 974 (3 percent).

Update 8:03 p.m.:

Metro-North announced in another tweet: "New Canaan Service is currently experiencing delays of up to 30 minutes due speed restrictions and downed trees."

Update 8:00 p.m.:

Metro-North just announced in a tweet: "Hudson, Harlem, New Haven Line Service & Branch Lines: Delays 10-30 min. due to downed trees, slippery rails, speed restrictions."

Update 7:54 p.m.:

Damaging winds, possibly as high as 60 mph, may accompany an incoming storm as the National Weather Service has issued a "Severe Storm Warning" for an area including Fairfield County.

The warning remains in effect until 8:30 p.m.

"Seek shelter now inside a sturdy structure, and stay away from windows!" the weather service said in the storm warning.

Update 7:09 p.m.:

The number of Darien customers now without power: 443 (5 percent) says CL&P, with 17,586 of its customers out across Connecticut. A "Tornado Watch" has been extended to 9 p.m. for New York City and remains till 11 p.m. here.

Update 7:02 p.m.:

Metro-North just announced (via Twitter): "New Haven Line Service continues to experience delays of 30-40 minutes in both directions due to downed trees and speed restrictions."

Update 6:59 p.m.:

Statewide, 16,918 customers are without power in the CL&P service area (that's 1 percent). New Canaan: 839 (10 percent); Stamford, 530 (10 percent); Norwalk, 614 (2 percent); Greenwich, 1,789 (6 percent); Wilton, 1,397 (19 percent); Westport, 1,996 (16 percent), according to CL&P.

Update 6:53 p.m.:

The number of customers without power in Darien has jumped up again, according to Connecticut Light & Power.

Now 434 customers don't have power, 5 percent of the total, the utility says.

Update 6:51 p.m.:

In a 6:23 p.m. update, the National Weather Service keeps its "Tornado Watch" in effect until 11 p.m. in Fairfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut. In New York, it also remains in effect until 11 p.m. on Long Island and in Westchester and Putnam counties.

Update 6:43 p.m.:

WTNH-TV (Channel 8) reports via Twitter: "Metro North: Power has been restored and the trains are moving with residual delays."

Update 6:39 p.m.:

Connecticut Light & Power now reports the number of customers without power in Darien is 330 (4 percent of the total).

Update 6:37 p.m.:

Four minutes ago, the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection tweeted: "Stay Alert!!! Severe weather just to our west. It will be moving into the western part of the state in the next few hours."

Update 6:33 p.m.:

A National Weather Service radar map from 6:22 p.m. is now attached to this article, it shows the storm line approaching from the west.

Darien Patch is also tweeting about the storm and retweeting from many different sources to give you a better picture of it from many perspectives.

Update 6:23 p.m.:

CL&P reports: Darien, 555 customers without power (7 percent); New Canaan, 601 customers (7 percent); Stamford, 455 customers (0.82 percent); Norwalk, 143 customers (0.83 percent); Wilton, 656 customers (8 percent); Westport, 1,430 (11 percent); Greenwich, 833 (2 percent).

Update 6:14 p.m.:

A video of what the winds look like at Grass Island Harbor in Greenwich is now attached to this article.

Update 6:09 p.m.:

In addition to a "Tornado Watch," "Wind Advisory" and "Hazardous Weather Outlook," the National Weather Service has issued a "Coastal Flood Advisory" from midnight to 3 a.m. along western Long Island Sound. That includes Darien.

Tides should be 1 to 2 feet higher than they would have been. The timing corresponds to the high tide cycle, according to the weather service.

Update 6:02 p.m.:

Metro-North reports (at 5:41 p.m.) "delays of 30-40 minutes in both directions due to wire damage in the vicinity of Pelham."

WTNH-TV reports (via Twitter) that five trains are delayed in the Pelham-to-Stamford area.

Update 5:55 p.m.:

Now CL&P says 552 Darien customers are without power, or 7 percent. The number has bounced up and down, from 237 at 5:21 p.m. to 5:48 as of 5:31 p.m. and 334 as of 5:41 p.m.

Update 5:51 p.m.:

National Weather Service current forecast for Darien tonight (as of 4:12 p.m.): "Showers and possibly a thunderstorm, mainly before 2am, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms after 2am. Low around 62. Breezy, with a south wind 15 to 25 mph becoming west after midnight. Winds could gust as high as 47 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New rainfall amounts between 1 and 2 inches possible."

National Weather Service map of the region shows it (and is updated); the radar map is also attached to this article.

Update 5:41 p.m.:

Now only 334 customers without power in Darien, or 4 percent, CL&P reports. The situation is constantly changing, going up and down.

Update 5:36 p.m.:

Power has just been restored on the 4:12 p.m. train out of Grand Central Terminal to Darien, Ed Bradford says on Twitter. He's on the train.

Update 5:34 p.m.:

CL&P reports 511 customers without power in New Canaan now (6 percent), down from 5:21 p.m. (see below); Stamford, 1,463 (2 percent); Norwalk still only 32 customers (0.11 percent).

Update 5:31 p.m.:

Connecticut Light & Power now reports 548 customers without power in Darien, or 7 percent of all customers in town.

Update 5:27 p.m.:

Ed Bradford on Twitter at about 5:15 p.m.: "4:12 metro north out of GCT to Darien stuck outside Stamford without power."

Update 5:21 p.m.:

CL&P's current reports of customer outages in and around Darien: For Darien, 237 customers out (3%); Stamford, 1,378 (2%), Norwalk, 32 (0.11%), New Canaan, 894 (10%).

Darien Times reports on Twitter: a power line was down and burning on Salt Box Lane, downed tree limb on Camp Avenue and fallen tree and power line on Thomasina Lane.

Update 5:13 p.m.:

Yankees and Mets have postponed games due to the weather, WINS-AM reports.

Update 5:11 p.m.:

Stratford Patch reports: "Metro-North New Haven Line continues to experience delays of 30-40 minutes in both directions due to wire damage in the vicinity of Pelham."

Update 5:06 p.m.:

Connecticut Light & Power reports 237 customers without power in Darien, 3 percent of the total.

Update 4:58 p.m.:

The National Weather Service has issued a "Tornado Watch" until 11 p.m. in Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties.

The Tornado Watch message by the weather service is terse. Elsewhere on the service's website it explains that a Tornado Watch is issued "when conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes in and close to the watch area. [...] During the watch, people should review tornado safety rules and be prepared to move a place of safety if threatening weather approaches."

If the situation were more severe, the weather service would issue a "Tornado Warning," meaning "a tornado is indicated by [...] radar or sighted by spotters; therefore, people in the affected area should seek safe shelter immediately. They can be issued without a Tornado Watch being already in effect. They are usually issued for a duration of around 30 minutes."

Original article:

It appears that Mother Nature has at least one more severe weather event up her sleeve as the summer season comes to an end later this week.

The National Weather Service has issued a "Wind Advisory" for Darien, as well as much of the the rest of the state.

The advisory will be in effect from noon today until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Downed Trees, Power Outages

Wind gusts are expected to reach up to 50 miles per hour or more, with sustained winds of some 20 to 30 miles per hour throughout the day today.

The weather service warns the high winds could lead to downed limbs and trees in, as well as scattered power outages.

"This potential will be enhanced in areas of heavy showers or thunderstorms," the meteorologists reported.

'Isolated Tornado' Possible

In a hazardous weather outlook alert also issued for today, the weather service warns today's storm system could also bring with it "heavy rainfall with isolated flash flooding."

"Local severe storms with damaging wind gusts and possibly an isolated tornado," the meterologists stated in their report, adding minor coastal flooding is also possible.

The nasty weather is expected to be at its height late this afternoon in to the early morning hours tomorrow.

Extended Forecast

Tomorrow the rain and the clouds are expected to clear out by the early afternoon, with a high near 70, according to the weather service's specific forecast for Darien.

And Thursday is expected to be a picture-perfect last summer day: sunny and with a high of about 69 degrees—a weather trend that is expected to continue into at least Saturday.


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