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The Rowayton Library proudly presents Food Day, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The League of Women Voters — since 1974 also accepting men as members — works to interest citizens in improving our communities, our state, and our nation by providing unbiased information so that individuals and communities can effectively work for change.

The League invited public libraries to partner with the League in October in educating the public about the role that food plays in the economy and health of our state. This is when people throughout the country will be engaging in awareness raising and informational initiatives anchored by Food Day, October 24, www.foodday.org.

Food is a $3.5 billion industry in Connecticut and currently generates 20,000 jobs. The League believes that libraries are best-positioned to raise people’s informational and awareness level that lowering or raising healthcare expenses (a major drain on our economy) is the result of food-buying choices by individuals and institutions. If schools, hospitals, grocery stores, prisons, and other institutions purchase more food grown/produced in Connecticut, more agriculture and aquaculture jobs will be generated in our state, thus helping our economy and benefitting our health in numerous other ways.

The Connecticut State Library and the League of Women Voters of Connecticut are working together in this educational endeavor.

To do our part, the Rowayton Library is presenting three programs on Food Day, Wednesday, October 24, 2012 and EVERYONE IS INVITED:

The French Twist:  Twelve Secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management   

Wednesday, October 24 at 9:30 a.m.

Rowayton author Carol Cottrill will share her 12 secrets of Decadent Dining and Natural Weight Management on Wednesday, October 24 at 9:30am as part of the Rowayton Library’s celebration of Food Day.

Americans diet while the French dine. But is it true that French women don’t get fat? Is there a French Paradox—the counterintuitive notion that a diet that includes cheese, chocolate, and wine is associated with improved cardiovascular health and weight management?

“The ancient wisdom and long-held traditions of the French have, in fact, been validated. Recent and groundbreaking nutritional science confirms what the French have known for centuries—there is no paradox at all. Enjoying high-quality, real, even so-called “decadent” foods—prepared with awareness and savored with pleasure and relaxation, and in moderation—ensures a lifetime of relatively effortless weight management. In The French Twist, nutritional consultant Carol Cottrill lets American women in on twelve secrets for organizing their personal rhythms and rituals around this concept, which can have a profound effect on their metabolism and weight.

“Talk to a French woman and you may learn that, rather than a French Paradox, there exists a French Dilemma. The French love good food and wine, and certainly the idea of a pleasurable life of large meals with family and friends, but these preferences must be reconciled with their desire to be attractive and healthy. The French woman will allow herself to enjoy an excellent meal, but she will naturally eat less and walk more to compensate. She is quietly self-disciplined in her efforts, and she automatically observes portion savoir-faire. This typical and widely practiced solution to the French Dilemma results in what we perceive as the French Paradox.

“The truth is that Americans are not different from people in other countries. We just have different eating habits. Americans are hungry for an alternative to the restrictions of dieting. The French Twist offers a realistic, commonsense, tried and true approach—core values that include the concept of a person’s natural weight, nourishment, pleasure, healing, and the welfare of future generations.”

Copies of Ms. Cottrill’s books are available for purchase at this event.  Refreshments (of course).  This program is free and open to the public.  Reservations are appreciated.

Design Your Own Smoothies – for Kids  

Wednesday, October 24 at 3:30 p.m.

Everyone is invited.  Holistic Health Coaches Debbie Buckett and  Kris Francefort will introduce healthful smoothies to the Rowayton Community children on Wednesday, October 24 at 3:30pm as part of the Rowayton Library’s celebration of Food Day (The Rowayton Library – 33 Highland Avenue, Rowayton CT).

A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor who motivates individuals to cultivate positive health choices.  Both Debbie and Kris are Norwalk residents and work as coaches in the community.  Debbie is also employed at Trader Joe’s in Darien, making this her 15th year - creating food samples and serving demo products to the public.  

What We Love About Smoothies:  They pull double duty: quenching thirst and satisfying hunger at the same time.  They taste as bright and pretty as they look. They're a great way to sneak more fiber and antioxidants into your kids. (But all they’ll care about is the taste.) They don't require a lot of fussy ingredients. They can be easily tailored to suit individual needs. And even kids with dairy allergies can enjoy them. They're a great DIY snack for older kids; younger operators will require adult supervision.

Copies of tried and true smoothie recipes will be available at this event.  Refreshments (of course).  This program is free and open to the public.  Reservations are appreciated.  

Guilty Pleasures – Healthier Choices:  Sports Night REDO!  (without the Guilt) – for Adults

Wednesday, October 24 at 7:00 p.m.

Holistic Health Coaches Debbie Buckett and  Kris Francefort invite you to kick back and enjoy a fun gathering with healthier snacks and beer samples at the Rowayton Library on Wednesday, October 24 at 7pm as part of the Rowayton Library’s celebration of Food Day (The Rowayton Library – 33 Highland Avenue, Rowayton CT).

One of the best parts of watching the big game is enjoying delicious food and maybe a beer or two with friends, whether you’re in the stadium parking lot or on your couch in front of the TV. But many traditional game-day favorites are loaded with calories— between dips, chips, and other treats, it's a diet disaster waiting to happen—the average fan can take in an estimated 1,200 calories in one sitting. With a little planning, you can enjoy your tailgating tradition without blowing your diet. The best part: We've done the heavy lifting for you. Come taste and learn how Debbie and Kris put a healthy twist on tailgate standards. Whether you’re packing a cooler for a tailgating party or just having a few friends over to watch the game, tackle game-day overindulgence with Debbie and Kris’ new idea recipes (that include “healthful beer”).

Copies of tried and true tail-gate recipes will be available at this event.  Refreshments (of course).  This program is free and open to the public.  Reservations are appreciated.

These programs are made possible – in part – by the League of Women Voters, the Connecticut Humanities, The Connecticut State Library, Trader Joe’s, and William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage & Insurance.  The Rowayton Library, 33 Highland Avenue, Rowayton, CT 06853 – www.Rowayton.org – 203.838.5038 – RSVP@Rowayton.orghttp://FoodDay.Rowayton.org


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