Recent Restaurant Inspection Ratings: 1 Poor, 2 Fair, 3 Good

Here's what a Darien Health Department inspector recently found in visits to these restaurants in town.

In the most recently released health code inspection reports by the Darien Health Department, one food-serving establishment in town was rated "Poor"; two others, "Fair"; and three "Good."

The following list shows what scores local food-serving establishments received under the state scoring system ("state rating," in which 1-4 points are deducted for each violation, with 100 being a perfect score) from town Health Department inspectors.

The Health Department also gives a rating under the Darien system ("Darien rating," in which a "Good," "Fair," or "Poor" is given to restaurants that pass inspections). Also shown below are the inspection date and comments by the inspectors as noted in inspection reports. The comments, which each refer to a numbered list of state inspection elements (here omitted), are separated by semicolons (";"). Occasionally an inspector will make general comments at the end of the report. Those are listed separately under "additional comments."

Here are the most recent reports released by the Health Department:

  • Wilson's BBQ, Darien North rest stop, Interstate 95 -- March 6
State rating: 83
Darien rating: Poor
Inspector's remarks:  "Mop stored improperly; no QFO on site at time of inspection; no alternate QFO on site at time of inspection; no written documentation of training records supplied at time of inspection; utensils not properly stored between uses; improper thawing of chicken (left on counter); hot dogs in walk-in cooler discolored and moldy and rancid; items stored in hand sink (warewash/prep area)."
Inspector's additional comment: "Temperatures all OK."

State rating: 97
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks:  "Dust buildup on fans in walk-in cooler; no waste receptacle at hand sink (kitchen/prep); pre-set tableware not protected."
Inspector's additional comment: "Kitchen is very clean, very organized."

State rating: 95
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks:  "Foods left uncovered in walk-in cooler; cardboard used as matting in walk-in cooler; drinks stored on floor in storage area; dust buildup on fans in walk-in cooler; in-use utensils not properly stored -- handle resting on ready-to-eat foods in display case."

State rating: 89
Darien rating: Fair
Inspector's remarks:  "No written documentation of employee training; blade of can opener unclean -- food residue buildup; can opener not sanitized every four hours; heavy dust buildup on fans in walk-in cooler; chili and cheeses left uncovered in walk-in cooler; no visible thermometer in cooling unit next to fryolator."

State rating: 92
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Uncovered fruit/ice in reach-in smoothie area -- keep eggs under ready-to-eat foods in storage; bottom of refrigerators need to be cleaned -- inside bain marie wells; unclean floors in kitchen; crates used as shelving; no training records available."
Inspector's additional comments: "Plug purchased -- faucet fixed (replaced); no hot holding; hand washing observed."

State rating: 89
Darien rating: Fair
Inspector's remarks:  "Foods left uncovered during storage; food items stored on floor in walk-in cooler; cutting board on bain marie grooved and unclean; granulars not labeled, not in original container; single-serve utensils not properly stored, not inverted; no hair restraints on food workers (cook line); no paper towel at hand sink (service area) (corrected); items stored in hand sink (sushi bar); straws/hollow stirrers not protected (bar); food worker consuming food in kitchen."
Inspector's additional comments: "OK: Rice No. 1 -- 155 degrees, Rice No. 2 -- 156 degrees, Rice No. 3 -- 150 degrees, Soups -- 170 to 175 degrees, Rice (sushi) 142 degrees


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