8 Hot Drinks to Make in Your Slow Cooker for the Holidays

These fall-friendly drinks are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips. Photo: Shutterstock
Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips. Photo: Shutterstock
Written by Julia Halewicz

Just hearing about the snow storm that has complicated Thanksgiving travel has us dreaming of steamy hot drinks to warm our insides. If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, you'll want to warm your travel-weary guests when they arrive with a cup of hot cocoa, cider or old-fashioned Scandinavian glogg. All you need is your trusted slow cooker.

Start most slow cooker drink recipes about two hours ahead of time on the low setting and add alcohol to the adults-only drinks just as your guests arrive.

While you're putting the finishing touches on dinner, your slow cooker will be hard at work infusing your cider with fresh spices. Place mugs and a ladle next to your slow cooker and let your guests enjoy help themselves. For the sweet drinks, serve with bowls of fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings, marshmallows or caramel on the side. Slice oranges and lemons for the adult drinks.

Take that, Stormsgiving.

Here are 8 hot drinks to warm up your guests this Thanksgiving:

Hot Chocolate with Chocolate Chips
Mix 1 part cocoa powder to 2 parts granulated sugar. Add milk to taste, and mix. Stir occasionally. Add chocolate chips and coconut milk for a smooth and creamy drink.

Hot Toddy
Start with a base of tea or hot water and add honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and other sweet spices to the mix (in a cheese cloth so that you can easily remove before serving). Add whiskey, rum or brandy before serving.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Use your favorite hot cocoa recipe and add one peppermint stick.

Mulled Wine or Glogg
Mix about 4 cups of red wine or port wine with about 2 cups of brandy. Add 1/2 cup sugar, a grated orange peel, one cinnamon stick, and cloves, raisins and almonds to taste. Strain before serving.

Hot Apple Cider
Heat your favorite cider and add cinnamon, nutmeg or cloves. 

Hot Whiskey Sour
Add one part whiskey, one part lemon juice, half part simple sugar syrup. Mix in one drop marmalade or a splash of fresh orange juice to taste. 

White Hot Chocolate
Substitute white chocolate for milk chocolate in your favorite hot chocolate recipe for a fresh take on a classic. 

Caramel Hot Chocolate
Melted caramel adds a creamy kick to any hot chocolate recipe. 

Whipped Cream 
Hot chocolate without whipped cream is just missing something. Add powdered sugar to whipped cream for an extra special topping. 

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