Letters: Bayne, Others Support Werner for State Rep

Selectman David F. Bayne, Marc Thorne and Maribeth Sears all write letters to the editor in support of Rob Werner for state representative in the 141st state house of representatives district.

Selectman David Bayne for Werner

To the editor:

Rob Werner is a breath of fresh air for Darien and deserves to be our next State Representative.  Rob has the passion, drive and energy to make Darien's voice heard in Hartford.  As a Democrat, Rob will have the ear of the Governor and of the leaders in the State House.  But as a Darienite, Rob knows the importance of reaching across party lines in the search for common sense solutions for Darien and for Connecticut. 

Darien needs a place at the table as issues such as Connecticut's tax policy, housing, and the environment are decided.  Rob has the will and the intellect to rise above the partisan discord and Darien needs a voice like that to advocate for it in the State legislature.  I hope you will join me in voting for Ron Werner as State Representative on November 6.

David Bayne

Werner Will Protect the Environment

To the editor:

 As a Darien voter, boater, and fisherman, I appreciate that protecting our environment is a key part of Rob Werner’s campaign to represent the 141st district in the state Legislature. He understands the health of Long Island Sound is vital to all of us.

As a Democrat, Rob has the ability to work both sides of the aisle and can get things done for Darien and Norwalk in Hartford. We need to elect the person who can represent our interests effectively. Please join me in voting for Rob Werner on Nov. 6.

Marc Thorne

As a Democrat, Werner Would Be in the Majority

To the editor:

I support the election of Rob Werner to represent the 141st district in the state Legislature.  As a Democrat, he is in a better position to work with the majority party in Hartford to get things done.

He cares about what matters to us most, such making changes to the affordable housing statute that protects zoning while creating much-needed housing for seniors and public employees; accelerating the schedule to upgrade the Metro North fleet, and protection of Long Island Sound, one of our most precious resources.

Most importantly, Rob’s ability to work in a bipartisan atmosphere and build consensus means he can get things done, and it’s a change we need.

Maribeth Sears

He's Principled and Pragmatic

To the editor:

Principled and pragmatic. Those are the qualities I want in my state representative. I don’t need posturing, or partisan politicking, or arguing for the sake of arguing. I need someone who can take on tough issues, achieve consensus, and move us all forward into a better future. I suspect that’s what we all hope for from our public officials.

I know that Rob Werner embodies those qualities. I know he will make a superb State Representative for our district. Among his goals: enhancing our district’s competitive business edge; revitalizing area transportation and infrastructure; revamping the badly-flawed Affordable Housing Act; initiating a Governor’s School program for top high school achievers; protecting our waterways from invasive species.

If anyone can battle for our interests in Hartford, with grace and wit and steely resolve, it’s Rob. I urge you to support him on Election Day.

Ellen Pawelczak


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