Golf's just around the corner -- are you ready for the Ridgefield Golf Course?

Although we're still stuck in February, golf season is not too far away.

And if you listen closely, you can actually hear the echoes of the ball being hit and someone yelling "Fore!" No, wait, that's the town swinger, bragging about how many dates he had last week. And, I gather, this was simultaneously.

Still The Ridgefield Golf Course opens reasonably soon. And in case you need a refresher course about its rules, I just happen to have one here -- including rates, instruction and how to do that muffled clapping. Plus, to class up the joint, at Tee Times, Ridgefield is going to be adding buttered scones!

As you might know, the course is 18 holes and was completed in 1974. Originally the builders got these numbers reversed. So filling in the holes meant a very-delayed opening.

The course features rolling hills and challenging greens. I don't know what could make those greens so challenging, but that's what happens when you let a vegetarian design the course.

The front nine is more open from tee to green and also features challenging green complexes. For years nobody -- not even golfers -- knew what this meant. Then somebody found out it was a missing verse to "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds." And finally, things started falling into place.

The next part reads, "The back nine is less forgiving off the tee, but the greens tend to be less undulating."  

Which is fine. But the line after that is, "Climb in the back, with your head in the clouds and you're gone." So, that gives the whole thing away.

The RGC offers many options for instruction. You can get them privately, semi-privately or with a group. Of course, it's strange to play golf in rooms like these. But once you master this, think how well you'll do outdoors.

The staff consists of the Director of Golf, the Course Superintendent and Clifford, who is the Course Goose Dog. Clifford is a Border Collie, who is around to chase off the geese and other undesirables from the course. If he continues to be successful, there's talk of him doing this for the State of Arizona. We'll see.

After a long morning of golf, there's nothing more compelling than the idea of food. Including the sinking of that last putt. It never beats the burger and beer at the nineteenth.

The Rough Grille serves fantastic-sounding lunches. Hamburgers, wraps and dogs. Now, just one question. That last one is named after Clifford in tribute, right? I mean, times are tough and restaurants are using whatever ingredients they can afford. So, the name makes me nervous. Anyway, I'm just asking.


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