Letter: GOP Ed Board Candidates are 'Collaborative and Dedicated'

Patricia Spenner writes in a letter to the editor that GOP school board candidates Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro have been "collaborative and dedicated leaders."

To the editor:

With much election attention focused at the national level, it is extremely important that we also take the time to learn about Darien’s only local election this year—Board of Education. I will be casting my votes for Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro because they bring a tremendous amount of experience, thoughtfulness, and integrity to our Board. 

As current members of the Board of Education, Betsy and Sarah have proven themselves to be collaborative and dedicated leaders who are truly concerned with providing the best possible educational experience for all of the district’s children. 

As the mothers of five children spanning both elementary and secondary levels, they know firsthand what happens in our schools on a daily basis and they understand and appreciate what is necessary to maintain the standard of excellence in Darien’s schools.  Let’s not risk a good thing!  Re-elect Hagerty-Ross and Schneider-Zuro on Nov. 6.

Patricia Spenner

John Boulton October 10, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Readers may wish to review the Patch article on the NEASC accreditation report on Darien HS to see evidence of what an excellent job Betsy Hagerty-Ross, Sarah Schneider-Zuro, and their colleagues on the current Board of Ed are doing. I fully agree with Mrs. Spenner that both Betsy and Sarah deserve our votes for re-election.


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