Letter: Hagerty-Ross, Schneider-Zuro Will Balance Ed Needs with Budget

In his letter to the editor, John Sini, Jr., member of the RTM and Deputy Treasurer of the RTC, expresses his support for Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro for election to the Board of Education.


I will be casting my vote for Betsy Hagerty-Ross and Sarah Schneider-Zuro for election to the Board of Education.

After an extensive career in finance, Betsy Hagerty-Ross has served the town of Darien on the Board of Education for the last six years and ensured a seamless transition in taking over the role of Chairman this last year. Through my work on the RTM’s Finance & Budget Committee I have observed first-hand Betsy’s effectiveness in working closely with her fellow board members, other town officials, and school administrators.

Although a she’s a newer member of the Board of Education, Sarah Schneider-Zuro has brought a wealth of knowledge to the board via her experience in public education stemming from her days working as both a public school teacher and school administrator. Sarah also holds two graduate degrees in education.

Among the two mothers, they have five children currently attending our district that span grades kindergarten through eleven -- offering them a broad perspective of the Darien school system. Both have been active in the Darien community for years through their work on the PTO and CDSP and they can often be seen throughout town cheering on their children during all their practices and games.

Most importantly, Betsy and Sarah have shown to skillfully balance the importance of educating our children and the needs of our students while facing the reality of today’s budget constraints. Let’s keep a good thing going for Darien’s most important public institution. Please join my family in supporting these two first-rate local Republican candidates.

John Sini, Jr.
36 Birch Rd.


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