Letter: State Rep. Wood Has Been the 'Voice of Darien'

In their letter to the editor, Darien residents Katherine and Peter Gogolak enthusiastically express their support for the re-election of State Representative Terrie Wood.

We are writing to show our enthusiastic support for our State Representative Terrie Wood.

Terrie has been the voice of Darien in the state legislature and has worked hard to be sure that the needs of our 141st district are being heard in Hartford. For example, If a town such as ours does not have 10% of its housing classified as affordable, Statue 8-30g permits developers to bypass local zoning laws if their proposal includes affordable housing.

In the next legislative session, Rep. Wood will support a bill that will allow a town to create inclusionary zoning which would designate specific areas for affordable housing, rather than allowing developers to choose any property regardless of location.

Terrie is also working hard to improve special education in Connecticut, which is an issue that is very close to our hearts. It is also an issue that can be confusing to many parents of the handicapped. Parents are not always clear as to what is involved and the programs they are entitled to. Terrie supported legislation that was passed and allows parents to meet with school districts about their special education needs.

Did you know that the legislature recently passed same day registration for voters? We were horrified to learn that this law states that NO photo identification is needed to register and vote on Election Day. One cannot get on an airplane, cash a check, or enter many buildings in New York City without proper photo identification. Connecticut’s new law does not require proper identification to elect our leaders… Terrie voted against this law!

We have known Terrie for over 30 years and have always been impressed with her strength of character. She has enormous integrity and compassion for the people she serves. She deserves to continue to serve as our state representative.

Katherine and Peter Gogolak



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