Letter: Werner Will Get Things Done For Darien

In her letter to the editor, Beth Cherico urges support for Rob Werner for State Legislature.


Rob Werner is the first Democrat in 10 years to run for the State Legislature representing the 141st District.

It is time we sent someone to Hartford who will not only represent our interests, but is also capable of getting things done within a largely Democratic body.

Rob is a long-time Darien resident and is devoted to causes that are near and dear to Darien, including education, the environment, particularly in regard to the health of Long Island Sound, and affordable housing.

It’s time we sent someone to Hartford who can get things done for Darien.

Beth Cherico
31 Brookside Road

Darien Voter October 01, 2012 at 01:28 PM
I find Rob Wener's "It's all about results" campaign platform paradoxical. Essentially Werner's claim is that even though the Democrat's have held a super- majority in the state legislature (including long-time incumbent Senator Bob Duff), that same party has done NOTHING when it comes to sensible change to State Staute 8-30G. However, because Werner is a member of that same do-nothing party, he will somehow get these reasonable modifications for Darien? Based on Werner's reasoning, since Bob Duff's has been ineffective in bringing sensible change to 8-30G, he should then also be replaced!


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