Letters: Nielsen 'The Epitome of a Public Servant'

'From our first days Jerry has set the tone for community service,' writes Bruce McGuire.

Nielsen is the epitome of a public servant

To the Editor: 

This letter is in support of the Darien Republican’s Board of Selectman candidates, but especially for our friend and neighbor Selectman Jerry Nielsen.

We moved to Darien in 1998 and to our current home on Rocaton Road soon thereafter. The Nielsen family was the first family to welcome us into our new neighborhood and we have been close friends ever since.

From our first days Jerry has set the tone for community service. When not hosting the annual road 4th of July party (something he and Judy did uncomplainingly for years) or serving as president of the road association, Jerry was leading the effort to build us a new high school. Jerry is wise beyond his years and his counsel is sought on matters both large and small.

Jerry is the epitome of a public servant (meant in the best sense). I recall that in the previous election, he and First Selectman Dave Campbell were criticized for having outside non-governmental vocations (recall the "flower guy" crack). It was meant as a detraction, however, the fact only serves to prove how selfless and dedicated these individuals truly are. They work on our behalf — not for glory or money, but to make Darien a better place to live. I literally trust Jerry with the lives of my children, and I’m proud to trust him with the leadership of our town.

Bruce McGuire

Rocaton Road


Darien has moved forward under Campbell, Republicans

To the Editor:

Darien has moved forward because of the leadership of Dave Campbell, Jerry Nielsen, and Jayme Stevenson. Under their leadership, many projects have been approved, reasonable and creative solutions have been found and applied to challenges such as the town fireworks and the senior center, and the affordable housing moratorium will help protect neighborhoods from developers who try to circumvent local zoning rules.

I have known all three candidates for many years and have the greatest respect for their organization, well thought-out decisions, and ability to get things done! In my 16 years living in Darien, I have seen a lot of small town political friction. However what I most appreciate now is the willingness of this team to continue to move forward in a positive fashion, and to keep their eye on what the vast majority of Darien elected them to do two years ago: solve problems. Please join me in voting for Jayme, Dave, and Jerry so that Darien can thrive under their leadership.

Susan Lattimer

15 Meadowbrook Road


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