'Maybe It's Time for a Change, Fairfield!'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

BROOKFIELD: "With two months to go to Memorial Day, they could break the old record and kick off the Second Great Recession it appears. NPR radio said it was gas prices back in 2007 that caused consumers to reign in spending (accounting for 70% of the economic activity in the U.S.) and catch America's retail business off guard. Could happen again." wrote this in response to news that the .

FAIRFIELD: "Just saying...Singapore Math is being used in Westport and oh..."90% of Westport students satisfied the goal"....gee...maybe it is time for a change, Fairfield!" wrote this in response to news that the

NEWTOWN: "The public school thugocracy HATES vouchers because it threatens their monopoly. Monopolies are a GREAT DEAL if you're on the end that provides the goods or services in an environment without competition. Sure, you could yank your kids out of the public school regime and go the private school route. The public school thugocracy has no issue with that as you still pay to support it through property taxes. But vouchers...that's a monopoly game changer and will be thwarted by the thugocracy with all the forced union dues and taxpayer funding that can be mustered. The hypocrisy here is delicious. Private sector monopolies are bad in the government’s eyes but public sector monopolies get a pass. Shocking." wrote this in response to news that the . Councilman Robert Merola, R-1 and other councilmen noted that many taxpayers are grumbling that the school budget keeps going up even though school enrollment is declining.

WESTON-REDDING-EASTON: "I find it nearly criminal what all these people are getting paid. You just don't find these kinds of exorbitant salaries in the private sector. A Superintendent making $238,000.00? Are you serious? And teachers making over $100,000.00 — not to mention their pensions. These salaries are obscene and unless the property owners say no to this, the nonsense will continue." wrote this in response to the


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