POLL: CT Politicians React to Paul Ryan, Romney's VP Pick [Updated]

The pick stirs up debate among two U.S. Senate candidates, and draws praise from Republicans and pause from at least one Democrat.


Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's Vice President selection today of Congressman Paul Ryan has stirred up a frenzy of activity in Connecticut's political scene.

Chris Shays, a former Congressman who is facing off against Linda McMahon Tuesday in the Republican Primary for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat, calls Ryan a "great pick."

"Governor Romney could not have made a better choice for his running mate than his decision to name my friend and former colleague, Congressman Paul Ryan," Shays said, adding, in his , "He is an experienced leader, trying to restore fiscal sanity to Washington."

Meanwhile, Congressman Chris Murphy (D-5) took Romney's announcement as an opportunity to engage McMahon. In Tuesday's Primary, Democrats will choose between Murphy and Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut's former Secretary of the State. Bysiewicz has not yet made a statement about Romney's pick.

The Murphy campaign said, "This morning, Linda McMahon tried to reverse her position on the massive cuts to Medicare contained in Congressman Paul Ryan’s disastrous budget plan."

“Linda McMahon said just months ago that she supports 'some' of Congressman Ryan’s disastrous plan, including 'taking a look' at its massive cuts to Medicare,” said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender. “So, which parts of Congressman Ryan’s plan does she support? And why hasn’t she endorsed her party’s nominee for vice president?"

"Chris Murphy would never endorse a presidential or vice presidential candidate who would give massive tax breaks to the wealthiest individuals and corporations that ship American jobs overseas, shift costs onto middle class families already struggling to make ends meet, and force over 575,000 Connecticut seniors to pay more out of pocket costs for their health care by ending Medicare as we know it.”

McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss pushed back.

“Leave it to Chris Murphy to take the news of the day and use it to try to distract from the fact that he has no plan to create jobs and improve the economy," Bliss says in a statement. “Linda McMahon will never support a budget that cuts Medicare."

So far, not in a statement or in any posts on her social media networks, has McMahon lended her outright support to Paul Ryan.

Romney announced the decision in a press release Saturday morning, titled “America’s Comeback Team,” as well as through his “Mitt’s VP” smart phone app.

The Huffington Post notes that both liberals and conservatives will be “thrilled” with Romney’s choice.

Ryan, 42, is in his seventh term in Congress representing Wisconsin’s First Congressional District. He’s also a chairman of the House Budget Committee, and last year he unveiled a counter budget titled “Roadmap for America’s Future,” which proposed to eliminate the federal deficit over a multi-year period.

Democrats and liberals derided the budget, however, saying it focused more on cuts to spending for social programs and less on tax cuts for the wealthy.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat seeking re-election representing Connecticut's Third Congressional District, also responded to the news:

“America is going to have a conversation about the choice before us this November. Thanks to his last two proposed budgets, we all know what Paul Ryan’s vision for America is. The American middle class will face higher taxes and less help with education. Seniors will get a voucher and higher bills for health care. And the children of the most vulnerable will get pushed back into poverty."

Steve Obsitnik, a Republican running to unseat Democrat Jim Himes in the Fourth Congressional District, offered this:

"In selecting Rep. Ryan to be his Vice President, Gov. Romney is drawing the starkest of contrasts between himself and the President."

"This election may come down to a single issue: 'Should the federal government continue down its present path of fiscal irresponsibility, or has the time come to get our financial house in order?'"

"All across Connecticut’s 4th District families work hard to make ends meet; they make the tough decisions on their budgets and try to save money for a rainy day. Our government should act like our families. We need fiscal responsibility for today while investing in the future."

Himes has not yet released a statement on the news.

Frances August 13, 2012 at 08:26 PM
Romney has a Sterling Business Record and Ryan is an Economics Genius. Romney saved Mass. turning a $635 MILLION Deficit into a $2 BILLION Surplus all with cutting Taxes 19 times. 2002 Olympics turned a $400 Million deficit into a $100 MILLION suplus. THE BOSTON GLOBE DECEMBER 5, 2002 and learn about this GREAT HUMBLE MAN that can and will save AMERICA.
Stephanie August 14, 2012 at 04:42 AM
Paul, I understand that medicare is not sustainable. But privatizing medicare is not the answer. A good president should not be kicking senior citizens to the streets and force them to pay the high out of pocket costs for themselves. And the idea that the Affordable Care Act will cost $938 billion over the next 10 years is simply not true. The Affordable Care Act will save medicare about $500 billion over the next 10 years because of drug discounts for seniors in the "donut hole" coverage gap, cost-free preventive services, as well as the crack down on waste, fraud, and abuse in medicare (healthcare.gov). Since this is a market economy, the government has a duty to provide a safety net to its citizens. The fact is that this law insures 30 million more people by 2014. When more people have health insurance, more people will be able to have health care, which means less people in emergency rooms with small things like ear infections. Emergency room costs go down which means we pay less taxes for ER care. And since 30 million more people will be insured, health care costs will go down. Without the Affordable Care Act, we would have more people going bankrupt when they have to choose between paying for health care and paying for food. We would have another person die because they can't afford to have a life saving operation. Health insurance companies would drop people for getting sick. Paul, the list goes on.
Kendall L Owott August 14, 2012 at 05:29 AM
As a moderate person, I agree that there is a need to improve the distribution of medical care to those American citizens who don’t currently get it. At the same time, the Obamacare approach suffers from 2 glaring flaws. First, nobody really understands it and second, Obama’s desire for a grand solution in a short period of time is doomed to be a screwed-up mess. The prudent way to improve medical care is a series of mutually-agreeable compromises in steps we can understand and whose consequences we can reasonably forecast. The first thing we need is to get both sides of the aisle talking to each other and listening. Obama has not been able to pull that one off as well as Clinton did. On the other hand, he didn’t have Bob Dole in Congress, either. If we are to start with any group which needs help first, let’s help the vets who make it possible for us to enjoy the freedom of expression and ability to vote in Tuesday’s primaries. Then, let’s work together from a successful start so we can do what we can afford. Constrained capitalism is still the most successful economic model the world has seen. Let’s restart the engines. We need the jobs to sustain our middle class and defend ourselves.
Glen K Dunbar August 14, 2012 at 10:29 AM
Thanks Pauly. You not only are the BEST Vet in the world...you also are very well informed. Where can I read a cut/dry version of what this really is.
Edward Michaels August 20, 2012 at 05:01 PM
Ryan's ideas are excellent. Anyone 55 or older will have Medicare just as they have it today. Younger folks will have a voucher plan. Both Romney and Ryan are intelligent and willing to work with Democrats. I'm tired of the Great Divide that Obama has brought to this country.


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