POLL: Which Darien Beach Do You Prefer?

In this feature, we're asking you to get involved in some friendly competition.

Patch staff have noticed that despite our two town beaches being just a stone's throw apart, they feel worlds away. Preferences run deep as the salty Sound.

Darienites tend not to be shy about their beach allegiance. And it's sometimes tricky to plan a sunny outing with friends if they're "Weed Beach people" and you're a "Pear Tree Point person" or vice versa.

We invite all you beach lovers to create a free Patch login name and password if you don't already have one, and vote in our poll below between and

After you help us determine the all-time favorite, visit the listings in our Places section and write any comments you'd like to share with community members about why you love your beach.

Then in about five months, we'll see you at the beach!


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