‘Ride Off Into the Sunset with a Cushy Pension’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders.

DARIEN: “Why should 10 people have been given the option to retire? Commit fraud and you should have to pay a severe penalty, not just be allowed to ride off into the sunset with a cushy pension.” More than 40 state employees were found to have , according to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. thinks some got off too lightly.

NEW CANAAN: “It all comes down to ego. Look in the mirror. Success comes from confidence and confidence comes in small steps with ownership and approval.” offers some words of advice in response to an article about  

TRUMBULL: “Because I want to support all our students, and I expressed concern about funding decisions made by the [first selectman] and Board of Finance which I believe negatively impact the [Board of Education’s] ability to provide that support, I have war declared on me?” responds to the first selectman’s quote where he says he is ‘declaring war on those who are trying to use children as political footballs.’

RIDGEFIELD: “Someone has to be the highest paid. In Stamford -its the police. In Ridgefield it’s those involved in educating our kids. The right people are on this list---and the incomes are not that comparatively high. This is a good list.” In Ridgefield, 24 of top 25 highest paid town employees work for the schools. thinks that’s a good sign of Ridgefield’s priorities. 


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