'Where's Our Compassion?'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "What? Some prankster friends drop a young man off in a strange neighborhood late at night. He's lost. He's scared. He's alone. So he knocks on the door of a house and has the good sense to explain his plight to the homeowner. The police arrive and... arrest the young man. What? He's lost and scared, so he gets arrested? How does this story jive with parents telling their kids that if they are in trouble and need help, contact the police.... why... so they can be arrested???? Where's our compassion?" Wondering wrote this is response to news that a Fairfield man was arrested for trespassing after he approached a stranger’s home and told the homeowner he was “lost and scared.”

GREENWICH: "We must find ways to cut this incredible spending escalation! Like many retirees, I have little choice, but to move out of CT to avoid the income & estate taxes that can only grow higher! When you lose all the upper-income taxpayers, the state will have 'cut off its nose to spite its face,' & we will see an escalating plunge into bankruptcy!! CT is in terrible trouble & spending cuts are the only way out!!" George B. Prince, Jr wrote this is response to a "Letter to the Editor" written by State Rep. Fred Camillo, R-151 about Connecticut's budget woes.

SHELTON: "HELLO BOE have you heard of the Internet? An email survey could of went out and you probably would of got just as much or more of response in better timing and best of all for FREE or a smaller fee. What a waste and those poor [families are] struggling for pay to participate. Could $20,000 afford all the kids to participate in sports for a lot less then $300? In return, give the money to the kids in the town who would like to play sports and can't afford it or maybe even start a college scholarship. The BOE should be run like a business. A statement of profit and loss should be available for those that participate in sports, and everything else they do that, including the gate money collected at all the games. That's just poor management of money and a very OLD way of thinking." Nancy Scaramazza Kitson wrote this in response to news that the Shelton Board of Education spent $20,000 to distribute a mail-in survey to all residents.

TRUMBULL: "Pam... Thank you for bringing us back to 'a happier time.' There is nothing better than the 'simpleness of Peacefulness'...How did we make it so complicated? and why did we make it so complicated? Why does everything have to come with a message to be discovered? Pondered? Disected? Did you ever wonder how those stones became rocks, then boulders? There IS so much this Town has to offer — finding it and enjoying it — seems to be the real task... both figuatively and literally. Thoughtful article — thank you." gail jarvis wrote this in response to a post by "Local Voices" blogger Pam Georgas about her view of politics as the chairman of the Trumbull Nature Commission.

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