$100 Taken from Purse in Shopping Cart at Supermarket Parking Lot

A total of $100 in cash was taken, but the thief apparently didn't touch even more money in a wallet which was also in the victim's purse.

A Darien woman who drove out of the parking lot at Stop & Shop in Goodwives Shopping Center left her purse behind.

She got the purse back, and everything in it but a $100 bill that had been there when she had left without the purse.

Police were told about the incident at 4:54 p.m. on Saturday, June 14.

The woman told police that when she was unloading her cart near her car, someone came up to her and asked for directions. That apparently distracted her enough that she left without taking the purse out of the cart and with her into the car.

She drove off and went to the home of a friend. Almost immediately, she realized the purse was missing and returned. About 10 minutes had passed, and by this point her purse had been left at the customer service counter.

A white envelope containing $100 was missing. It had been on top of the purse. But her wallet was still in the purse, and that still contained $130 in cash.


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