$2,700 Reported Stolen From Trader Joe's Safe

A manager discovered the theft Wednesday morning, police said.

Some $2,700 in cash was reported stolen from a store safe at last week, according to Darien Police.

The store manager contacted authorities Wednesday morning after realizing that the money was gone, Capt. Fred Komm said.

According to Komm, the manager told police that he had counted the cash — a mix of $20, $10, and $5 bills — on Tuesday evening before placing it in the safe and recording the amount on a tally sheet. The safe was then locked and secured with a seal, he said.

But when the manager returned the next day, he reportedly opened the safe and found the bills missing. Komm said the original seal, which carries a unique number, was found in a nearby trash can.

"Numerous" employees have access to the store, according to Komm, and several have the combination to the safe. The office where the safe is located does not have a security camera, he said.

The matter remains under investigation.

Cath September 13, 2011 at 03:25 AM
Why do so many people have a combination to that safe with that amount of money? Why isn't all the money given to a designated person at the end of each night? Seems a little strange. It sort of feels like it would if I got robbed after leaving a bunch of my house keys at different neighbors houses on my street. I guess they will get a security camera now. I hope they get their money back.
Rahno September 13, 2011 at 01:58 PM
It makes sense that more than one person would have combo (just like more than one family member has house key) in the event that someone is out sick or on vacation. Shouldn't be more than 3-4 people though and should be easy enough to narrow down suspects


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