After Getting a Store Refund, Customer Reportedly Seen Shoplifting

Slice of pizza in one hand, bag of other stolen items in the other, a woman was watched as she got into her car and left Whole Foods Market on Friday the 13th.

A woman who returned a knife and was given a $30 gift card for it at Whole Foods Market was then seen shoplifting in the store, Darien police were told.

No arrest was made, although police were given the license plate of the vehicle in which the woman drove off, and police are looking into the matter further.

Darien police described the incident with this account (an accusation — even if the identity of the accused isn't yet known — which has not been proven in court):

On the afternoon of Friday, June 13, the woman asked for and received a refund for a $30 ceramic knife at the supermarket, located at 150 Ledge Rd. She received a gift card from the store rather than money or a refund through a credit card.

The woman, who entered the store at about 3:30 p.m., then walked around the store, but as she did so a store employee watched her, since the ceramic knife had raised suspicions — it's an item commonly stolen from the store.

The woman picked up various items, including lavender and crackers she put in her bag, as well as a slice of pizza, then she walked out without paying for any of it.

The store employee followed the woman to her car and got the license plate number before the woman left in it.


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