Attempts to Fool FedEx Foiled in Darien

Police arrested a man who used a fake ID to try and receive thousands of dollars in computer equipment in Darien.


A 26-year-old Bronx NY man faces a slew of charges in Darien after say he ordered laptop computers for delivery at town residences, then appeared at those homes with a poorly made fake ID to receive them.

Ibrahim Musah was arrested by warrant May 29 and charged with two counts of third-degree criminal attempt to commit larceny, two counts of conspiracy to commit third-degree criminal attempt, ID theft and criminal impersonation.

In two separate incidents, Musah tried to receive delivery of multiple HP laptops—first on May 4 at Parklands Drive (four laptops, valued at $3,359.96 total) and then on May 8 at Bayberry Lane ($3,512.69 total), according to Darien Police Capt. Frederick W. Komm.

Unfortunately for Musah, the same Federal Express delivery driver saw him at both homes, each time presenting a fake ID as though he lived there. The driver refused to hand over the packages, and noticed Musah driving a silver Audi station wagon with New York plates. The driver contacted police, who worked with HP security “and determined that a delivery was scheduled to occur in Stamford on May 11, to a resident of Rolling Wood Drive,” Komm said.

Darien and Stamford police collaborated, Komm said.

“Sure enough, there was nobody at the door for the FedEx delivery guy, and he wouldn’t leave the items,” Komm said. “A short time later, officers observed a green Toyota Highlander with temporary Rhode Island plates, occupied by an individual who slowed down to check out the residence at Rolling Wood Drive.”

Police found Musah in the vehicle, with a fake ID saying he lived on Rolling Wood Drive.

“Also located in the vehicle was a brand new HP laptop, and also a computer connected to a mobile modem, with MapQuest [on screen] showing directions in Stamford and to our locations in Darien,” Komm said.

Musah was charged in connection with the Darien incidents, released on $25,000 and scheduled to appear June 8 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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