Car Burglaries Prompt Police Warning

Note from the Police Department: Lock your cars!

After a rash of car burglaries, Darien Police are urging residents to lock their cars.

Officers received over a dozen reports of car burglaries that took place during the overnight hours of Wednesday August 12 to Thursday August 13. The break-ins all occurred within the Noroton Heights area of town on Fairfield Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, and West Elm Avenue.

The targeted vehicles were all parked in driveways and were unlocked, police said.

“None of the burglaries were forced-entries. These were crimes of opportunity,” said Sergeant Marron.

Stolen items included portable GPS units, money, jewelry, ipods, sunglasses, food and cigarettes.

On Thursday morning, police sent a public-safety alert via Code Red and Nixel, informing residents of the event and urging caution.

As stated on the Darien Police Department website, “Car burglaries are easy to prevent and hard to solve.” The following are precaution tips:

  • Always lock your doors
  • Always close your windows
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended
  • Park in well-lit, visible areas
  • Park in your garage when possible
  • Always remove your valuables or at least secure them in your trunk


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