Stamford Court Moves to Police Dept. After Cold Bursts Pipe

File photo of the courthouse in warmer, more pipe-friendly weather
File photo of the courthouse in warmer, more pipe-friendly weather
The Stamford Courthouse had to scramble to get the job done with a skeleton crew Monday after what authorities called a "rather sizable pipe burst" sent arraignment operations to the Stamford Police Department for the day.

According to Capt. Richard Conklin, the burst sent water pouring in through ceiling fixtures Monday morning, forcing crews to begin conducting courtroom operations out of the Stamford Police Department's various conference rooms and even the lobby.

The Marshal's Service arrived at the station to lend a hand and the department pulled in some personnel to assist with juggling those awaiting to appear before a judge.

"We made the best of a bad situation," Conklin said. "It seemed to work out pretty well. They're working on fixing the pipe now and seeing what took place. If there's some extensive damage and it's something they're scrambling to deal with, we'll play tomorrow by ear as well and continue to accommodate them."


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