Police: Darien Woman Kicks Cop in Groin After DUI Arrest

Police say they have the evidence that a Darien woman kicked an officer in the groin: A picture of a footprint on his pants.

Katherine Sullivan, 22, of Hollow Tree Ridge Road, was charged by Darien Police on Monday with DWI, interfering with a police officer and assault on a police officer.
Katherine Sullivan, 22, of Hollow Tree Ridge Road, was charged by Darien Police on Monday with DWI, interfering with a police officer and assault on a police officer.
A Darien woman, already under arrest on charges of driving while intoxicated, became very uncooperative when being put in her jail cell and kicked an officer in his groin, police said.

The police officer was very hurt but received no major injuries in the incident, which occurred sometime after 12:30 a.m. Monday, according to a police report. Police said they took a picture of the footprint the shoe left on the officer's pants.

Darien police gave this account (an accusation not proven in court) of the incident:

Katherine Sullivan, 22, of 521 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd., drove west on the Post Road past an officer in the parking lot of Darien Design Center, 523 Post Rd. at about 12:30 a.m.

Her dark colored 2013 Honda CRV didn't have its headlights on, so the officer began following the sport utility vehicle. She stopped for a traffic light at the intersection of Post and Brookside roads.

But when she stopped, the light, the officer noticed, was green.

The vehicle then abruptly turned onto Brookside Road, where the officer stopped it.

The odor of an alcoholic beverage could be smelled coming from inside the SUV when the officer spoke with Sullivan. Her eyes were glassy and her speech was extremely slurred, the officer observed. When he asked her for her driver's license, it fell out the window and dropped on the ground.

A female officer then arrived at the scene, and Sullivan was asked to step out of the car and take a field sobriety test. She appeared to have a hard time understanding what she was supposed to do for the physical test (which has several parts). She didn't pass it. She also refused to take a breath analysis test.

Police officers saw that she was wearing shoes that didn't match each other. (No explanation for that was mentioned in the report -- sometimes women will wear a different shoe for driving if, for instance, wearing a high heel shoe is difficult for operating car pedals.)

At the police station, Sullivan became uncooperative during the arrest process. At one point she had told officers that her parents were out of the country. At another point she refused to go into a jail cell without calling her parents first.

Three times, officers tried to get her into the jail cell, and three times she resisted. At one point, she demanded that police bring her a copy of the state constitution before she would go in. This demand was rejected.

On the third attempt, she kicked the officer in the groin. The officer fell to his knees in extreme pain, but police got her into the jail cell at that point.

Sullivan was charged with driving while under the influence, interfering with a police officer and assault on a police officer. She was held on $5,000 bond and if she makes bond is scheduled to appear at a later date in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Sonnabay February 26, 2014 at 04:54 PM
Nothing will happen to this Ms. Sullivan...just from the reporting by this newspaper...all monotone and vanilla...no indignation...police officer is okay...just his pants got a footprinit on them...why tell this story...no one wants anything to happen to Ms. Sullivan...In the words of the Beatle's song: Let It Be...
BCT February 27, 2014 at 08:31 AM
Sonnabay, I'm sure the lacrosse coach who got the stink kicked out of him by the Norwalk police for seemingly far less would disagree.
Jeck March 06, 2014 at 01:24 AM
Nobody wants anything to happen to Ms. Sullivan? Are you forgetting what she was originally pulled over for, DUI? How many people have been killed because of someone else's decision to drive while intoxicated? Do you honestly think people who do that should escape punishment?


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