Crime Does Not Pay: It Took a Lot of Work to Steal This $100

Well, maybe it pays something, but not much, in this case.

Sometimes a thief happens upon Easy Street, and $1,000 is taken from an unlocked car. Sometimes more than $2,000 is taken from a house, possibly when the door is unlocked.

This is not one of those easy cases.

A thief (or thieves) got beyond a temporary plexiglas sheet, placed on a window that was not working, and then ripped a hole in drywall to get at a stash of money at the Darien Carpet store, 39 Tokeneke Rd.

The break-in occurred sometime between 1:30 p.m. Saturday and 8:30 a.m., Monday from the area of the back door of the business, facing Center Street.

The alarm system may have been disabled in order to gain access to the store.

People from the store told police that the only thing missing was $100 in cash.

Which is about what several hours of honest work will get you — without the fear of being arrested (and probably with better hours).


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