CT Town May Demolish House Where Hoarder Was Found Dead

The house may be structurally unsafe.

A building official is investigating whether the house where hoarder, Beverly Mitchell, lived must be demolished because of safety concerns, the New Haven Register reports. 

By now most people have heard the tragic story of how Mitchell, 66, of 22 Winslow Road in Cheshire, was found by emergency responders Saturday buried under debris that had fallen on top of her as the first floor of her house collapsed. 

Emergency responders had to cut a hole in the house in order to reach her. 

Now Building Official Burt Schiaroli is assessing whether the 114-year-old house needs to be demolished because of structural deficiencies, reports Luther Turmelle, of the New Haven Register. 

The town would pay for the demolition but would place a lien on the property to recoup its investment, the Register reports. 

On Tuesday the State Medical Examiner ruled that Mitchell died of accidental and traumatic asphyxia. 

Police say a U.S. Postal employee noticed Beverly Mitchell’s mail had been piling up at her house on Thursday, WFSB TV reports

But it took until Saturday morning for local and state authorities to reach Mitchell, who was found in her basement buried under a pile of debris, WFSB reports. A backhoe was needed to reach Mitchell because their were concerns over the structural integrity of the house. 

Mitchell’s first floor was piled waist high with papers and telephone books and other items, WFSB TV reports. The saddest part of this tragedy is no one knows how long Mitchell was buried under all of the debris, WFSB reports. 

The Register reports that Mitchell had previously declined offers of assistance. 

Read the New Haven Register’s full story here

Marcie Kane June 17, 2014 at 02:40 PM
How sad. Nothing wrong in our society. Nope, nope. Nothing to see here. Move along.


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