Dog Bites Man on Brookside Drive

A runner received a one-inch cut when a white sheepdog ran after him and bit him on Brookside Drive, police said.

A man running past a Brookside Drive home was chased by a white sheepdog who bit him in the leg between 5 and 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 7, he told police.

Darien police gave this account (an accusation not proven in court) of the matter:

The man had a one-inch cut on his left leg and refused medical attention. He didn't want to press charges against the owner, but did contact police to let them know about it.

The homeowner told police that while he was in the bathroom, the dog somehow got out the front door.

Dogs who bite strangers typically get a mandatory 14-day quarantine outside the home. The Darien police animal control officer was following up on the situation to determine whether or what charges might be filed.


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