Don't Stand Here or Sit There

Sitting isn't normally a crime, unless it's trespass; standing isn't either, unless you're deliberately obstructing traffic.

According to New Canaan police, a taxi driver had more business than he could handle when a man stood in the path of his car and refused to move.


A New York man surveying land on Stillson Road in Faifield was reportedly looking for a place to rest on June 9 when , police said. According to a police report, the resident declined, so the man set up a lawn chair on the front lawn under a tree, and that's when the resident called police.


Monroe's weekly article includes the story of a dog who got its head stuck in a box of dog biscuits and fell into a roadside ditch; a woman who complained about a goat, who probably saw its own reflection, ramming into her car; and a runaway Peacock.


In that's recently more than once, a grandmother in Monroe was when a caller pretending to be her grandson told her he had been arrested in Spain and asked her to send him money for bail, an attorney and court fees—all as personal money orders via Western Union. (On June 25, Darien police are on scams the elderly have to watch out for.)

Authorities in Norwalk are investigating reports that a rogue letter carrier has been dumping mail in a dumpster in the city.


A Fairfield resident reported to police thaton Kings Highway. The men told the complainant that the system was originally valued at $2,699.


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