Police: Car on 1 Rd, Cell on 2nd, Tipsy Driver on 3rd

Nothing was in its place, according to a Fairfield police description of a recent DUI arrest.

Fairfield police charged a man with driving under the influence after, they said, they discovered his car—running and in reverse—abandoned on an embankment on one road, his ringing cell phone in the middle of another road, and the man himself walking along a third road.


Monroe police officers turned away a photographer from a Belgium TV station who tried to take photos of Sandy Hook Elementary School Thursday. Since Newtown students started attending classes in Monroe, police have ticketed or given verbal warnings to members of the national and international media, from places as far away as Turkey, England and France. A French reporter tried to create a diversion while a photographer sneaked onto the property.


Two men were arrested in Naugatuck for assaulting a man who ended up falling out of a fourth floor window. 


A New York woman was arrested Wednesday in Norwalk for allegedly trying to pay for her Staples purchase with funny money. Store employees detained the woman until police arrived after a cashier noticed four $100 bills felt strange. A scan of the bills allegedly showed them to be counterfeit.


A Stamford man was arrested Tuesday after police were tipped off he might be transporting heroin from New York to Stamford for a small "cottage industry" drug-selling operation.  After stopping him at the train station as he returned from New York, police said they recovered 44 baggies of heroin after he retreived it for them from his rear-end.

And you may recall from last week on Darien Patch ...

Darien police said they discovered a 19-year-old town man asleep at the wheel of his car in a parking lot, with the smell of marijuana wafting about and a 12-inch bong in plain view on the center console. A search of the vehicle allegedly produced about 6 grams of marijuana, four more smoking devices and a duffel bag containing a digital scale, grinder and packing materials.


Not only can you not sell illegal drugs, but you can't pretend to sell illegal drugs in order to scam the buyer, which is what one Norwalk man is accused of doing to Darien police buying drugs in a sting operation.


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