Jewelry with Sentimental Value Reported Stolen at Restaurant

The victim told police she didn't have an estimated value for a stolen rose gold ring with a single, pink diamond. But there was sentimental value.

She could protect herself from the theft of three credit cards, and she can get another New Hampshire driver license, but the rose gold ring with a single pink diamond is an irreplaceable loss for the woman who reported the theft.

It had belonged to her recently deceased grandmother.

The 28-year-old woman, who was staying at the Double Tree Hotel just over the Norwalk border on Rt. 1, told Darien police that she was convinced her wallet was stolen just down the street, at Chipotle Restaurant, 71 Post Rd.

In fact, she believes some pickpocket got hold of the wallet while she carried it in her purse. She never put the purse down or reached in it before she realized the wallet was missing as she tried to pay for her food sometime before 7 p.m. Saturday.

She also remembers seeing her purse shortly before she visited the restaurant. In it was a Cath Kidston brand wallet with chrome polka dots and a brown leather clasp. (The wallet also contained $14.)

Police looked at a surveillance video recording at Chipotle, but they couldn't find a point at which it looked like someone reached (or might have reached) into the woman's purse.

The woman checked her vehicle and the parking lot at Chipotle, but never saw her wallet again.


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