Live Shotgun Shell Picked up by Child at Cherry Lawn Park

A grandfather discovers that his granddaughter picked up a live shotgun shell at Cherry Lawn Park. Police find no more there.

A 68-year-old grandfather reported to Darien police on Tuesday, May 6, that on a visit to Cherry Lawn Park his granddaughter had picked up what turned out to be a shotgun shell.

And it was live, with gunpowder in it, Darien police discovered upon visiting the grandfather's house in Norwalk and examining the round.

The child and her grandfather had been walking near the tennis courts at the park, which is located at 120 Brookside Rd., although the grandfather wasn't certain where exactly the girl found it.

The shotgun shell is a round for a black Remington 12-gauge shotgun, police said. Police searched Cherry Lawn Park to see if there were any more shells or bullets on the premises, but didn't find any more.
Christophe Vinciguerra May 13, 2014 at 06:31 PM
Wow. Not sure if horrible police work or terrible reporting is to blame, although the author attributes the clear factual error to the police. Which I hope is not true as it frightens me that a police officer could be so ignorant about firearms. How, pray tell, has the author or police office been able to determine that the shell the child found "is a round for a black Remington 12-gauge shotgun". While there are slight variations in length, a 12 gauge shotgun shell will work in ANY 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. Apparently someone thought that if they ignorantly described the phantom gun (what gun was involved here?) as "black" it would frighten people more (ignorant & racist connotation IMHO). It would be like finding a gas spill at an area gas station and mystically extrapolating that the gas MUST have spilled out of a red 2004 Porsche, simply because the gas was 93 octane. Darien PD: Please educate yourself Patch Reporter: Please do a better job fact checking before spreading the ignorance of others as the truth. You readers demand (and deserve) better.
John Galtwell May 14, 2014 at 12:51 AM
I'd better check my shells. I want to make sure I didn't buy any shells for the wrong brand, or even worse, wrong color shotgun! I wonder what would happen if that 12 gauge shell was fired from a brown Benelli? Would that shotgun explode? Worst written article of the year so far.


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