Middletown Police Pursuing ‘Person of Interest’ in Sheep Carcass Dumping

Local and state officials investigate an illegal dumping incident when 26 trash bags containing remains of goats and sheep were found on River Road.


Middletown are pursuing a “person of interest” after a pile of trash bags containing sheep and goat carcasses were discovered on private property here.

Lt. Heather Desmond, Middletown police spokesman, said there is at least one person of interest in the case and that local police are investigating in conjunction with the state Department of Agriculture — the agency in charge of statewide animal control issues.

Desmond said the Middletown Police Department is looking at the case as both illegal dumping and the improper disposal of animal parts. The case remains under investigation.

Raymond Connors, state animal control officer, said the parts were found in 26 bags on a property at 193 River Road.

Wesleyan students who were shooting a horror film on the property next to an abandoned house discovered the bags, Connors said. He said the students had permission from the property owner to be there and the property owner was unaware of dumped animal carcasses.

Connors told NBCConnecticut that a concern for the department is whether the parts came from out of state.

Check NBCConnecticut for a video interview with the Wesleyan students who found the animal parts.


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