New Place to Stop in Darien

Two new stop signs were installed on Leroy Avenue at Sedgwick Avenue on Tuesday, Sept. 25, making the busy intersection a four way stop.

Two new stop signs were installed on Leroy Avenue at Sedgwick Avenue on Tuesday, Sept. 25, making the intersection a four way (all way) stop. Previously, traffic on Leroy Avenue was not required to stop.

In addition to the new stop signs and painted stop bars, permanent advance warning “Stop Ahead” signs and painted roadway markings have been installed in both directions on Leroy Avenue, according to Darien Police.

Additional, temporary "New Stop Sign Ahead” signs have been placed in the area to provide motorists with advance warning as they get familiar with the new configuration.

The Darien Police Department asks that all motorists operating in this area use additional care in the near future as motorists get acclimated to the new stop signs.

Charley September 27, 2012 at 12:27 PM
Since Darien drivers don't know when to stop and go, the DPD will place even more stop signs around town. Being nicey-nice and stopping where there is no stop sign to let someone in on the road instead of that person waiting for it to be all clear instigates accidents. So the only solution is to make all intersections stop and go, which doesn't necessarily mean just stop and go, it means stop, look both ways and if clear then go. Except of course for cyclist where no rules of the road apply much less a red light.
sebastian dangerfield September 27, 2012 at 12:58 PM
Think they should also paint "CAN PROCEED WITHOUT STOPPING FOR A LITTLE WHILE" on roads like Hoyt Street etc. where it applies. Of course, if you need to stop in near future, they should paint "GOING TO NEED TO STOP JUST AHEAD",
thais gherardi September 27, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Luca, we live in Hoyt St and wish there were more stops exactly because of what Charley mentioned. It is almost impossible to pull out of driveway, let alone cross the road with our toddlers - it can be a good 4-5 minutes effort or, if both parents are present, one stays on sidewalk while the other stops traffic forcefully. Hoyt is a supposed to 35-25 mph street and I would love to have traffic flow continually at that rate (or even 40 or so), but since this is obviously impossible due to drivers’ complete disrespect (standard is 45-50mph, even with frequent ticketing by patrol cars), I must say I would actually be very much in favor of a stop sign somewhere between Holmes School and Camp Ave.... seems to be the only way to have people slow down...
Chris B. September 27, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Thais makes a good point. I live off Hoyt and I see this kind of challenge facing neighbors on Hoyt St everyday. I need to walk across Hoyt on a daily basis without sidewalks. lights or even a pedestrian crossing at the traffic light. Yes, a few stop signs on Hoyt would be welcome.


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