Police: Ex-Lover, Ex-Con Threatens, Kicks in Door

Police said a Darien woman renewed her relationship with an old boyfriend after he was released from prison after a felony assault, but he threatened her over the phone, kicked her door in—and then lost his parole.

Update 9:22 a.m.:

Rocco Arlotta did more than threaten a Darien woman who had gotten back together with him after he got out of jail—he also kicked in her bedroom door and disconnected her telephone, Darien police said this morning.

Police gave this additional information, which had been left out of Monday's original news release because Arlotta hadn't yet been formally arrested in connection with that accusation:

On Friday, Aug. 17, Arlotta asked the Darien woman if he could sleep on her couch, since he was intoxicated and unable to drive home. She let him.

She went to bed in her bedroom, after locking the door behind her. Arlotta then asked to be let in the bedroom, but she refused. He then asked again and again, but she still refused. He then kicked down the door and went in.

He also disconnected the telephone so that she couldn't call for help. The woman was not harmed.

After the woman told Darien police about the incident, they applied for a warrant for Arlotta's arrest on charges of breach of peace and interfering with an emergency call. Before the warrant was approved, Arlotta was arrested Sunday on threatening charges stemming from phone calls he made to the woman.

When he was arraigned on those charges Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford, he was presented with the warrant and arrested on the additional charges. On Monday he was also arraigned on those charges.

Original article, 5:57 a.m.:

A 37-year-old Bridgeport man's parole was revoked after he was arrested on a charge of threatening the Darien woman who broke up with him.

gave this account of the incident and arrest:

Rocco Arlotta, who had been convicted on a felony assault charge, was released from prison, and a former girlfriend of his who lives at Avalon apartments, 137 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd., got back together with him.

Arlotta "became abusive toward her," according to a Darien Police news release, and so she decided she'd made a mistake in renewing the relationship, and she broke it off.

On Sunday, Arlotta called the victim repeatedly, threatening her. The calls started coming in faster and became more threatening and aggressive.

The woman told Darien police about the situation. Police found out that Arlotta was staying with family members in Stamford. Darien police and police from Stamford arrested him on a charge of threatening.

Arlotta, of 120 Huntington Tpk., Bridgeport, was initially held on $25,000 bond, which he did not post, then the Connecticut Department of Corrections revoked his parole by issuing a remand to custody order. Arlotta was arraigned Monday in state Superior Court in Stamford.


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